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Negaraku: Mobile Ready

After months of contemplating, I finally decided that today I will do the coding for mobile version. It took me less than 3 hours (minus the sloppy look) to code. I’ve always known how to do it and what’s the theory like, just plain lazy, and there is no cure for that.


I don’t want to settle for half ass plugin that only plays within their own rule. Having built my own web grid really makes my conversion much easier.

Now I can really go mobile… at least for the first page.

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Welcome Back Negaraku!

After my wife left for Aussie my life became stale like plain water. Life was waking up in the morning, going to office and back home and to bed. I was a lifeless zombie.

Few weeks back, I told a friend about reviving the Negaraku! out of boredom, after all, our gathering is annually though the site was down for years. Weeks past, my friend took over the coding, I tackle the design. I’m not particularly proud of the design as it was pretty much inspired by some famous site. Nevertheless, we wrote about 2,000 lines alternating between real job and before-bed-coding. Neither of us are in the web design industry (anymore) which made the development slower.

So yesterday, we decided, the hell with this development, let’s just launch and see what happens. Let’s fix it as complain comes in. The way I see it, no body wanted to see us fail, which was plus point for us. And today, a sudden surge of people contributing made our sleepless nights paid off. I couldn’t be more thankful to God for allowing our brains to continue functioning. And obviously to our wives, who doesnt’ know really understood what we did but saw us through, thank you!

Welcome Back Negaraku! 1

Now, I present to you, – It’s good to be back!

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To Clear or Reset on MyNic Website

To Clear or Reset on MyNic Website 2

I don’t know what the web developer was thinking.. Reset and Clear? Doesn’t ‘reset’ means clear everything and ‘clear’ means reset everything? Aduhai, just key in submit je la. Buat susah orang je.

So once I figured out which is the real Submit button, I got this prompt.

To Clear or Reset on MyNic Website 3

I tried entering rememberable password, it said I failed the strength test. How strong do you want it to be? Do me a favor MyNic, just mail a generated password. Saves us both time.