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It’s Finger Licking Good~

ala mode ice cream
‘ala mode’ is a one scoop vanilla ice cream on top of brownies.

I meant to teach how to make the image above. Along the way, I got too excited, I forgot to document the tutorial. Maybe some other time ;p

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90% Completion : Beta Mode

A combination of these 3 colors (black, red and silver) make my day 😉

Do you think this theme is a bit extreme?

I must straighten up the theme before I start blogging.

senyumlah, senyumlah ahai cek mek molek – damn neighbour karoke plak

Designs & Photoshop Web & Gadget

First Post Is Always Mine

Been fiddling around with WordPress and MovableType. The latter is the clear winner. However lack in themes, I have decided to go ahead with WordPress.

I will be kicking ass(es) on every single topic I find stupid.

If you think criticizing is exciting, then it is. So enjoy your stay 😉

Blogspot Noktah Hitam

I always like dark colors black.

I went through the whole WordPress theme last night, it was about 2000+ templates. I spent close to 7 hours testing the ones I like.

I have concluded, to make a great design, I have to build myself. It isn’t that hard actually. Some CSS, XHTML… I’m sure I can find my way. Designs me like,,,, and

I do not think outside the box, nor inside the box. I just THINK. – jason lee