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Kantoi on Yahoo Messenger

Long ago, I’ve tried the all-in-one Digsby. Somehow it failed me. Now I’m back to using Yahoo Messenger. I like the emoticons and free VOIP call feature.

It was late, I’m getting stressed with work. I decided to play a few songs before I hit the paper again. It wouldn’t be fun if I were to sing to myself, so I called a girl using Yahoo Voice.

NoktahHitam : Can you hear me?
Girl F typed : Yes. Sorry my mic is broken.
NoktahHitam : It’s alright. Just listen ok?
Girl F typed : What song do you want to play?
NoktahHitam : Lifehouse – You and Me, since I know every single part.
Girl F typed : Ok! Get it on now!

While I was coordinating my jack and electric guitar, an uninvited ringtone was called on to the scene. I looked everywhere, my multiple tabbed Firefox for any unwanted-auto-play mp3, annoying pop up page, even my winamp, non to be found.

NoktahHitam : Did you hear that?
Girl F typed : No.

Ok, it must be the neighbor then. I was just about to strum the first chord, the ringtone filled the air again.

NoktahHitam : You punya phone kan?
Girl F : A’ah. Alamak, kantoi la pulak. Sorry~

I’m not mad, just wondering, why do you hide that sweet voice of yours?

ps : Aisyah si pemalu, err.. err.. eeeerr.. aaa.. aa’ah lah.. ok.. err.

pss : I don’t need anyone to take the blame 😳

psss : I called and sang to 7 girls yesterday, wohoo ➡

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NH’s 5 Favorite Site

I’ve told people many times, I am anti-social. Unfortunately this ‘tag’ from ImamKhalid ( I couldn’t resist. According to this ‘tag’, I’m suppose to write my top 5 favorite site, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Note to Imam : No bro, I’m not excited about GE. I just hate bull shitters.