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SP: Explore Malaysia Like Never Before!

All-action activities you may not have thought of doing

There are endless opportunities for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies in Malaysia. Indulge in your adventurous side at various spots around the country and discover a different side to Malaysia, as well as be treating yourself to some of the most stunning views, scenic spots, and sensational activities on offer in this great country.

1. Jungle Trekking in Taman Negara

 taman negara

Taman Negara is the country’s largest national park, and as such is simply brimming with wildlife, natural beauty and potential adventures. This luscious, verdant, and vividly fertile rainforest can best be explored by the canopy tours on offer throughout the park, which allow you a bird’s eye view of the rainforest.

Personal Note: I had the chance to hike a few kilometers deep into National Park. It was one of the best and most educational hiking trip for me. We did both day and night walk. During the night, we could see wild life such as boars, deers, cats, insects and many more. It’s like live Discovery Channel!

2. Hike to “The Pinnacles”


From Mulu, which stakes its reputation on being the ‘adventure capital’ of Malaysia, you can climb Mount Api, from which about half way up you are treated to the finest view of the infamous ‘Pinnacles‘. These are a series of razor sharp limestone pinnacles which jut out of Mount Api in an alarming yet mystical and mysterious fashion. A sight not to be missed, the only way to witness the Pinnacles first-hand is the 2.4km hike up the steep side of Mount Api.

3. Paintball in Penang


Penang is the place to head to if you’re in need of the kind of adrenaline rush only paint-balling can provide. There are a variety of options available for the keen paint-baller in Penang, all of which will provide you with the opportunity to run around with a supply of paintballs in your hands and a moving target in your sights. Paint-balling can be enjoyed by beginners and aficionados alike, so get down to Penang to get in on the action.

Personal Note: I occasionally play paintball with my peers and customer. It’s one of the best ways to burn calories while pumping constant adrenaline. The take away from this activity is the pain being hit by the marker, painful but thrilling!

4. White-water Rafting along the Sungai Kampar River


White-water rafting is great for a shot of adrenaline, but it’s also a novel and inspired way to get in touch with nature and experience the lush jungle and beauty that surrounds you. When rafting along the Sungai Kampar River you can expect to encounter fourteen separate and equally exciting rapids, as well as more calming hot springs (you might need help calming down after all that excitement!). You will also come across original cave systems and beautiful temples as you rush down the river.

Personal Note: Malaysia is rich with these natural resources. Kuala Kubu Baru in Selangor and Kiulu River in Sabah.

5. Wreck Diving


Malaysia is famous for its diving opportunities. Enthusiasts travel from all over the world just to experience the crystal clear water and exquisite marine life which exists just beneath the surface of our oceans. But wreck diving is a little different, and can be a great way to once again inject a little adventure and excitement into your passion for diving. Amidst the lovely Labuan Islands lie four fascinating ship wrecks just waiting to be explored.

Whatever way you choose to explore, the many adventurous opportunities on hand in Malaysia mean you’re sure not to be disappointed. With all the options detailed above, and so much more available, there’s a new adventure waiting around every corner.

ps: This post is brought to you by Groupon Malaysia. Thank you!

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Less Charging, More Shaving!

This is the final episode of review from me for the Aqua Touch AT940. The battery usage is awesome, the shave is close and it’s very sturdy. However, the price of the unit is not so enticing.

I have been using for my 4 weeks of stay in Melbourne and I intentional left the charger at home. My occurrence of usage is about 2-3 days per shave. Therefore, I’d say it’s promise to deliver 60 minutes of shaving is about right. Though I did not time the usage to its exact minute, but I figured it’s a fair estimation.

Less Charging, More Shaving! 1

So far the unit has been kind to me. Gives me a great shave but sometimes too close to my skin. It does leave me with the same burning sensation a normal shaver would give, but it wears out about 30 minutes or so. I have to blame myself as I’m not too familiar with ‘lift and cut’ approach.

I got to say, this is the most sturdiest shaver I’ve ever tried. It fell a lot of times and did not disintegrate itself like a mobile phone. In my quick adventure, in and out of the forest, travel through public transport, it took quite the beating as it sits at the bottom of the bag. It still works find.

In conclusion, if budget isn’t your constraint, I’d definitely recommend the Philips Aqua Touch AT 940. Best shave an electric shaver can ever give you. If you’re still in the market for it, get the lower models. Personally I’ve never bothered with shaver above RM 150, throughout my 5 weeks review, this has totally changed my perception of shaving experience.

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Shave By A Woman

This is the fourth post for the Philips Aqua Touch electronic shave review. In this post I’m supposed to create a video to demonstrate how easy it is to shave using the review unit.

To make it interesting, we are required to get an opposite gender to help us shave. In this case my victim is my wife. It’s her first time helping me shave so I have spare her for any mishap or missed hair. Normally I’d ask her to pluck what I call “bulu sesat”.

Though was a sloppy shave, it does prove 2 points.

1. Shaving using Aqua Touch is easy.
2. Letting someone else shave for you is terrifying. Ain’t easy like the movies.