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I Never Thought Jungle Trekking Was Hard, Until I Tried SkyTrex

I am big fan of outdoor activity, jungle trekking is nothing more than a stroll in park for me. #SkyTrex hit me, how hard can it be? It turns out, it was really hard.

Few months back I PM-ed Azlan, the marketing manager for SkyTrex and asked him to accommodate bloggers. In return we will blog about SkyTrex. So he agreed to give SalamMedia (my marketing startup) some free passes to the Extreme challenge, the most difficult route. I did call in last minute to downgrade to Big Thrill, but Azlan insist we have ‘fun’. His definition of fun is definitely messed up.

Here’s some pictures of the awesome activity.


Safety first! The harness does hold up the sack really well.


I went first. Flying fox looked easy, yeah because this is the practice version. I spotted a couple of fawns near the bushes and wished I had my AR-15 upper receivers.


There’s a limit to number of people per platform. 1 monkey per tree.


This is about 20m from the ground and we had to climb that!


Flying into nothingness. I did imagine what if I stopped half way. That’s my fault for having a fat lazy bum. Thankfully it was one of the most memorable flying fox I have ever done in life.


or what if I missed the platform, slipped and fell?  I can feel the movement in my bladder when I saw this picture taken by Abdus


One of my favorite route, I call this the hammock. Reminds me of Sara’s baby hammock.


Monkey bar, only for the weak. I took the easier route, glide on the ropes. Haha


This V shaped string requires a lot of balancing. I did mess this up while trying to do too much in a single leap. I ended up almost loosing my head when the rope strangled my neck. Thankfully a hero doesn’t give up easily. I pulled myself up and retraced the step. For the moment, it did feel like defusing a timed bomb.


Ammar decided to sleep, programmers sleeps at dawn. Can’t blame him for being sleepy all the time, their sleeping habits is all over the place!


This was the easiest, if you know your way around the ropes. Noticed one glove? Yeah, I dropped one while trying to fart.


The pulley is made in France, land of Peugeot and Zidane, it’s very sturdy for flying fox. The carabiner is also solid.


Some camwhoring with ‘le wife.


Every time I took a challenge, I enjoyed the scenery. It was breathtaking and downright beautiful. The guys at SkyTrex really planned the route well.


Aisyah nearing the finishing line. I was a bit sad to see end. I really wanted another hour.


The monkey swing was the last challenge and it almost broke my back!


They even provided a hashtag for SkyTrex.

If there’s one complain from me is the plastic pipes which are being used extensively in the challenge. I guess because it’s cheap and strong hence the extensive iterations of it. Those pipes are slippery and sometimes too big to hold. It does require and additional effort just to grip it properly. Despite that, I am still giving SkyTrex a 5 star.

The SkyTrex Brochures

I Never Thought Jungle Trekking Was Hard, Until I Tried SkyTrex 1 I Never Thought Jungle Trekking Was Hard, Until I Tried SkyTrex 2


Overall, SkyTrex nothing but awesome. I could feel my adrenaline rushing up and down my veins while writing this blog post though it happened sometime last March. The greenery was perfect, the staff were really helpful and playful, which was good. They gave moral support and never wanted us to quit half way (but some participant did, age is really a factor).

My best recollection of #SkyTrex was the flying fox. It was the only avenue for me to be lazy, to enjoy the scene and for the first time, it felt like I kicked my acrophobia in the nuts that day (fear of height). I walked out a taller person, knowing that I’ve conquered my fear. If there was a stress meter, I’m sure it was down to zero.

Who is this for? Young executive, students, family, couples, Ranjits, Kumars, Chins, Alis or whoever wants quick escape, nerve wrecking, eyes squirming, lose bladder control or scream your lungs out, this my friend is for you. My advise, do wear long pants to avoid blister, bring your own gloves for better grip, and seriously, take your time doing the challenge, enjoy the scenery and don’t focus on completing it soonest.

If you want more information, check out the official site.

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Baby List: IR Thermometer CHECK!

Guess what? We’re having a baby girl!

So as my way of showing support to my wife, we attended an antenatal class last weekend at DEMC. I learned a lot of things, epidural, pain meter, baby health, c-section, jaundice, breast milk *raise eye brow* basically the whole she-bang about laboring a baby. One day class is definitely not enough to cover the whole thing.

As a trained engineer, safety comes first. That includes my baby. So I went on Lazada and find something that might be helpful for our baby. Since Aisyah’s temperature usually spikes up (every now and then), I needed something more than my sweaty palm to measure the temp. I looked up thermometer, I figured it’ll be really helpful to measure the baby’s as well.

There were quite a number of thermometer, but this one caught my eye (because of the discount! Hahaha) Bremed BD 1160A. A thermometer is a thermometer, don’t expect it to auto reply an email or do stock trading for you, choosing one is rather simple. I got this on a bargain.


I placed an order late night on 26 August 2013. It arrived on 28 August 2013. Considering the time to process the order and ship them, that’s a pretty impressive time line! Bravo!


First thing I did, throw the manual away (except when a self assembly is required) and start measuring myself, my camera, my laptop. It’s ONE button operation, kinda like iPhone. My only complain is the beeping sound is a tad too loud for a bed-ridden baby. I wish it could be discreet and not wake the up while measuring. Remember, a happy baby is a happy parents, an angry baby, well, you go figure that out!


If you’re a working adult, doing two-three shifts, shuffling between part-time and full time job, I’m telling you, Lazada is the place to go. You can’t really spend a quality time on the mall when your 7-months-pregnant wife is having a hard time catching up.

ps: Shopping for new baby cloth is cumbersome. I don’t exactly know what to buy 😛

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Belajar dari Terbaik: DenaiHati Network

This post is brought to you by Denaihati Network.

So what is this Denaihati Network (DHN)? I asked myself the same thing when I first came across this. The tagline, “Hidupkan Untuk Memberi” left deeper curiosity. is a blog, meanwhile Denaihati Network is all the social medias, blog buddies, friends, facebook groups, Keek followers and instagram followers that is connected to DenaiHati blog.

DHN is best known for winning Social Media Week Award in 2011 and 2012 also being generous to other bloggers.

Blog Review

I was tasked by brother Ilham to post a review about Denaihati Blog.


His blog was messier when I visited years ago (I’m on Google Pages so I don’t visit the original blog as often). The new theme looks decent. However there are areas that can be further improved.

1. Sticky post – There’s a repetition of content from sticky post to new post. New post will always be on top, therefore need not be a sticky post. Instead, DH should use sticky post to reignite old posts or ones he wants people to focus.


2. Images on other post – While it is important to keep the blog lightweight, image or photography helps to boost and expand reader’s curiosity. I find that other than sticky post, other post does not have image to represent the content (on front page). This will be a show stopper for some.

Belajar dari Terbaik: DenaiHati Network 3

3. Real estate – Today’s most common resolution is 1366px x 768px. With this information, coupled with our reading behavior of scanning the entire screen, DH has loads to lose. Upon loading only 2 posts are visible and 4 ads. It can be optimized to 6-7 posts with maybe more than 4 ads. Some of the best examples are,, and


4. Colors – As I scroll down, I can’t help but feel washed away. It was colorful with green, black and white as it’s main theme (much like Green Lantern) but died by time I reach the bottom of the page. This can be fixed by adding pictures and colorize the footer.


DenaiHati Activities

1. Sepetang Bersama Bloggers – I have personally been invited to this event before. We all had our chance to share our opinion and mingle around. It was fun meeting people who shares the same interest.

Belajar dari Terbaik: DenaiHati Network 4

2. Blogging Class – Learn to make money by DenaiHati Network. Definitely the one best ways to generate passive income. This class is a crash course, can be too fast for non IT literate. However reaping the benefit isn’t hard, just as long as you keep your eyes on the prize. Me? I blog for fun, money comes as bonus.

3. Active Facebook Groups – Best place to share your content, learn from experience bloggers and mingle around. Denaihati Facebook Group.

Seminar Buat Duit Dengan Blog

There are a number of bloggers out there are doing this full time. To name a few, beautifulnara, tianchad, broframestone, kak Jie and more. So what’s stopping you from making money from blogging?

Denaihati will host a seminar on 19th of May 2013 at Singgahsana Hotel PJ.

  • RM 50 for registration before 5th of May (early bird discount)
  • RM 100 for registration after 5th of May

Why should you attend?

1. Curious about blogging and how to generate money from blogging

2. It’s only RM50 for a knowledge that was acquire through thick and thin for years of blogging. Mind you, not just one person experience, its a collective.

3. Potential networking. This could also be a chance for you to share your business with others.

4. Meet experience bloggers. Most (or perhaps all) are friendly bunch. Best place to mingle with like minded people.

You can register through this link. This activity usually happens once a year. It’ll be a waste if you decide to do it next year. Some piece of advise, don’t do today’s work tomorrow, do tomorrow’s work today!

ps: My May activity is kinda packed during that weekend (19th of May) I have wedding to attend to up north. Will have to miss this seminar 🙁