Can I Have a Phone?..

It’s MCO, the school is closed and it sucks. But we deal with it anyway, because we have no option.

Sara is at that age where she asks for a phone. She needed the phone because the school has been giving AR all or Sara’s homework through WhatsApp. Yeah, lazy.

Do you know how unenthusiastic the teachers are?

“Buka muka surat, 29. Jawab semua”.

When I read it, I feel bummed. Are the teachers sitting on their asses? Are they not concerned about nation-building? Are they so lost for directions that they have to follow ‘orders’ from the top? When are they going to pull their head out of their asses?

We’ll save this later.

There’s Google Classroom. It’s free. If you can manage a Facebook profile, IG, then GC is no different. The question is, are you willing to change? – I guess not.

Sara got her phone, my old Mi A1. It’s a 4-year-old phone. Good enough to chat with friends, play ‘among us’ and ‘Roblox’. We’re on Google Family. I get to control her time on the phone.

ps: Now Sara is in the family group. I feel old.

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