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Bunyi Pandai dan Educated, Kena Berbahasa Inggeris

A remark I overheard, “Ko tolong tulis utk aku dlm English, kasi bunyi educated.”

Bunyi Pandai dan Educated, Kena Berbahasa Inggeris 1

The remark left me with a musing thought. Suddenly writing and speaking Malay makes you uneducated or a little inferior? That’s just plain silly. Language is just a medium to convey message. It doesn’t matter how it was written/spoken as long as everybody understood you.

Personally, there’s no such thing as “sounding intelligent”, however, there  ways to make you sound witty, poetic, expressive, descriptive and more. The key is PRACTISE! Don’t be a lazy bum by outsourcing things to your friends. Just be yourself, ass holes will continue being judgemental but that shouldn’t be the limitting factor for you to progress further.

If you think that’s too hard for you, then I suggest you move to your own island.

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

One reply on “Bunyi Pandai dan Educated, Kena Berbahasa Inggeris”

Kalau nak pindah ke pulau sendiri, perlu ada pulau sendiri. Perlu beli pulau sendiri. Mahal kalau nak beli pulau sendiri. Dari bayar mahal beli pulau sendiri, seeloknya duit tu digunakan untuk menjadikan diri sendiri pandai dan educated.

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