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Buka Puasa Negaraku!

One of the thing I’m proud of Negaraku! gangs is that we get to meet up for Iftar at our usual food street. As part of our tradition, we’re having it on 28th July, same place as years before.

Buka Puasa Negaraku! 1

Details are as per above. Anyone can come, regardless of race, beliefs, sex or sexual orientation. The meet up is informal, so if you want to bring along your laptop, tablets, rabbits, sewing kits etc. feel free to do so. Just remember to come fully charged. There’s no guarantee of charging station.

There’s also a mosque opposite of the restaurant.

The location: Restoran Ayam Nara Lima Bintang

Confirm Your Attendance (for head count): Facebook Link

Further information, you can twit us @negarakumy , @noktahhitam , @azmanishak

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