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Budak Mandi Tangki

Have you watched the video? To some extend it is funny. But after 2 minutes, it became a different story.

The video is about naughty kids getting caught swimming in a tank. The kids were interrogated and one of them actually cried. Personally, it’s a disgrace to degrade those kids, what more, catch them on camera in their trunks. They should have let the parents to deal with it and not take matters in their on hands. Maybe later on, ask for compensation or something.

Think about it. When you were young, were you as naughty? If you are, then I bet you must had one hell of punishment for ‘corrective measure’.

After watching the vid, it has become very apparent, we don’t respect the young ones. The cycle repeats when it’s their turn to become an adult.

“They’re just kids with no pride and brain.” .. or so we think.

ps: WTH kan?

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8 replies on “Budak Mandi Tangki”

I have to agree. I did enjoy the first few mins but the last minutes, I think its inappropriate that they were punishing them esp by the means of humiliation. They should let the parents handle them.

oh wait, I’m just repeating what u said. -_____-

Lol,I feel pity for them..its like they were treated by some “bad cop” attitude but I guess thats typical of many people in this country are.After all,they’re just kids.

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