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Buat Baik Di Balas Baik

It was a hot sunny day, you could almost see a mirage on the street. To others, it’s a sign to stay indoor! But to me, it’s the best time to ride. Mutu (my bike is not Indian, in Malay it means quality), is covered in dirt and filth from haze. I wanted to clean him as soon as any opportunity took precedence. Lunch time!

I rode Mutu to the local car wash at a petrol station nearby. After all, she needed a fill up and I needed to withdraw money too, win-win for both. I left Mutu in the care of those imported workers. They look liked tired and sure needed a drink.

I got everyone a cans of icy drink, including myself.

They smiled ear to ear, exposing their hollow teeth, it was as sincere as it gets. It felt really good making someone else feel happy.

When it comes to cleaning, I am fussy. I pointed some spots they missed. Once they were done with Mutu, they told me I don’t have to pay. But I insist, a good job is still needs to pay the bills. They took it though showing signs of discomfort.

As I fled the scene, the workers were waving their towels as if I finished a race. I clinched my fist and punched the air. At the top of my lungs, I shouted, “Yeahhh!”

I believe my life is extra ordinary. Therefore I have to be one.

When was the last time you made a stranger smile?

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