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Buang Bayi, the Sinful Act of Mankind

Buang Bayi Pictures

The disturbing trend of abandoning newborn is an atrocious crime.

Buang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang Bayi

Now have some decency to click the images above. Take your time. What do you see?

These alarming photos are dead babies in Malaysia. The sum of mad, angry, sad, frustrated and every negative feelings could never equate to what I feel inside.

It was reported from ’05 to ’06[1. JKM Tubuh Unit Bendung Gejala Buang Bayi, link], 145 newborn was abandoned and found in public ares. The number keeps increasing year by year. Most of them committed by the child’s mother. The babies was a result of unprotected sex, unreported rape case and irresponsible parents.

Honestly, government should include sex education in our schooling system. The subject shouldn’t only focus on the How-To’s but also alert kids on infections, the aftermath and sexual harassment law.

I really want to write further on this, but I believe you smart readers can do the postmortem for me. Herewith, another 10 pictures of the dead babies.

Buang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang BayiBuang Bayi

Who are we to turn down heaven sent gifts?

Al-fatihah. May they be rested close to Him.

ps: I’m shaking my head endlessly ๐Ÿ˜ฅ :vangry:

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63 replies on “Buang Bayi, the Sinful Act of Mankind”

bodoh + banggang + bahalul betul org yg buang bayi nie…x per klu dah terlanjur bagi la baby nie jadi anak angkat……..

kesian sungguh melihat bayi yg tdk berdosa dibuang begitu saja,mengalir air mata ini,kenapa manusia@binatang? sanggup melakukan perkara itu?malah binatang pun sayang anak ini kan pula manusia.kalau lakukan seks tu gunalah alat perlindungan dahulu,kenapa terlalu bodoh pula.sudah terlanjur baru rasa malu.may god bless those babies

deeply touched.. those babies look innocent.. xtahan nak tgk pic ni suma.. takut.. kesian.. bcmpur baur rasa.. dunia ni nak kiamat kah?? smpai mnusia pun d buang merata.. apalah salah dn dosa si kecil.. jadi mangsa hawa nafsu yg serakah.. ya allah.. muda2han anak2 kecil mu ini aman d sisimu ya allah.. muda2han ibu dn ayah kepada si kecil ini.. insaf dn bertaubatla selagi belum terlambat… amin ya allah..

this is so called new Malay. There will be more and more babies in the womb ready to be ended in such horrible situation. Solution? I would say, all the ridicolous campaign are useless as they only target at different level of age group. and bare in mind, will all such ‘animal’ hearted mom and dad would come to such campaign? we should come to the root of the problems. free excess to porn, our terrific sexy media and stories, our naked artist and singers, fluctuation of free sexs among parents and kids, and unresponsible parents are the cause. condoms? This is not the immediate solution.

Astaghafirullah halazim…xtahu ape nak cakap dah dengan manusia hari ini yg jauh lebih hina daripada binatang…sanggup buang anak dari darah daging sendiri…bayi2 ini tidak berdosa..dan merekala yang akan membawa ibu bapa mereka ke syurga nnt…tp..entahla…cetek sungguh pemikiran n pengetahuan agama mereka yg tidak bertanggungjawab ini..Allah melaknat golongan ini…

Inilah hakikat akhir zaman yang kita semua masih menafikan.. gejala zina happens every second, infanticide happens everyday.. Sudahlah.. ban semua bentuk hiburan yang melalaikan dan acara yang menggalakkan maksiat. MArilah kita mencari ALLAH sebelum AJAL MENCARI KITA… ALLAHu AKHBAR!

if all the shiit person dont want their baby,just give me laa…i will care their baby like my own child….


salam utk smua….sy nie bkan la baik sngt tp sy nk tgur la skit kat ank mude skrg…jgan la wat bnda yg leh mrosak kan dri kite sndri…tmbah2 plak klu yg dah smbg blajo kat IPT tu kan…fikir2 la sndri…ksian kat family kite tau…..wasalam….

knape lah jadi cam n dunie sekarang kan???? kite n semue ade otak, nape lah buat kat budak cam 2. mase buat x pikir ke? cube korang bayang an, mak bapak korang wat cam 2 dulu. yang dah tebabas 2, balik kepangkal jalan. yang ppuan 2, pikir lah, kalau si pakwe 2 betul2 sayang, die tanggung jawab, bukan suruh bunuh anak 2, tanggung kamu n anak 2….. kalau nak seronok batter ambil langkah selamat. daripade korang buang anak 2 nanti.

Poor babies!!!! Malaysians up bringings on that its taboo to have a child without wedlock is insane thats why these womens ababndoned their babies!!! Open your eyes malay on your society this is really really bad! To all the women that is pregnant in malaysia without being married please dont abandoned your baby change the way your society its not a shame to have babies who cares what your society thinks!

yup btul setuju ngan aok yani..mcm saya ni teringin sgt nk ank,tp drg2 senang2 je buang2 ank..xdk perikemanusiaan langsung!!binatang pn tau sygkn ank..allah tu maha adil tunggu je la pembalasan nye nnt..

nk menangis rasa tgk bayi2 yg x berdosa dbuang2 gtu je,,asal kejam sgt erk!!mmg x berhati perot btul,dh la comel2 plak tu..kalau ye pn x pyh dbunuh letak kn je kt tmpt2 yg org leh jumpe..skrg2nye hidup bayi tu..ini tidak malang sungguh…wanita oh wanita!!

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