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Breakfast With Grandpa

20 years ago, my grand dad drives me to small cafe close to our home town for breakfast. Yesterday, I drove him. I guess time has changed  😈

As usual, he’d spread that ‘Berita Harian’ wide open, slowly sipping his thick black coffee. I asked for the comic section. Somethings, never change    ➡

After he’s done scanning all the headlines, he folded the news paper neatly and tucked it under my car key. He asked,”what do you want to be?” “Huh?” I replied. He rephrased,”when are you getting married?”   😯

The killer question again. But I guess this time is different, he looks more serious than ever. “I told you, I want to marry a doctor“, I replied. He glared and sipped that coffee before he starts his lecture   😥

You see Win, it doesn’t matter to whom you want to be married to. As long as she’ll be a good mother“, his opening speech nudged my head   😡

It’s more than a lifetime worth of companionship. If you die early, then she’d be alone. Do you think she can handle it? Raising kids on her own would be tough.” he added   🙄

*gulp* *yikes*

I don’t recall grandpa giving thought provoking tutorials like these before. I think he’s just upset with grandma being in the hospital. A good grand son like myself, nodded in agreement, although it contradicts some of my beliefs   ➡

ps: I’ll definitely have breakfast with grandpa again (while he’s still in KL)

pss: Next time I’ll deviate to political topics. Let’s see who can shut who up

psss: Grand pa, by all means, it doesn’t matter how long one lived, it’s what you do with that life.

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An engineer? In what field? Like you? All I know is a civil engineer is very the busy… be prepared to live across the country/state from each other … they goes where ever the projects takes them… haih… and yes, I am speaking from experience LOL.. 😛

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