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I seriously need to blog hop. The blog generations (more like my generation) has already quit. Blog nowadays are only merely scratching the surface only. By surface I mean materialistically e.g. went here, bought this, got that, earned this, have this, etc. Not talks about their dilemma, what they’re thinking, how to improve the nation. Even if there’s any, it would be political.

So anyone reading this, please suggest your blog or any blog that you think it’ll be  a good read.

Thanks so much!

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Second that. Many senior bloggers have either stopped or totally slowed down in blogging.

On the other hand, the newer group of bloggers have a totally different view of what blogging means to them.

Ingatkan aku sorang jer, rupanya hampir semua set kita quit dari arena ini, in fact lebih kurang dalam masa yang sama. Selalu jgk merancang nak start balik tapi…… susah nak cakap – I think I would agree with that bro — hilang mojo!~

Malam ni aku berkeliaran mencari blog yang matang untuk dibaca. End up aku baca entri2 kt blog kau. Tak berapa best baca blog blogger2 baru. Tak ada keistimewaan. Semuanya sama.

my google reader has tonnes of articles to be read. i haven’t blog-hopped for ages. and i’m getting lazy to blog myself even though i certainly have lots of stories to tell. i guess i’m getting old. 🙁

by suggesting any blog, it wouldn’t be as fun as real hopping, would it? 🙂

haha.interest lelaki dan perempuan aku tak berani nk suggest link blog apa best.kalau mcm aku b4 kawin suka baca wedding preps all brides to be.dh kawin cr link blog life after married.but yeah.laki lain pempuan lain.nt ko annoying baca jela tulis benda2 geek ke sarcasm ke aku tetap baca wpun jarang komen. 😀

Ramai gile hilang mojo. Aku rase sbb org sume dh carry on dgn life masing2. Lagi satu sebab habis mende nak cakap. Pelan2 seko2 berenti.

Aku pon continue tulis sbb terpakse, dapat paid post. Tulis je laa, dah org kasi duit.

Ramai sekarang tulis utk popularity and tunjuk duit dlm pocket. Zaman dh berubah bro.

I think there’s a slope of death in bloggin. Give or take, maybe about a year to peek, 2-3 years later downhill.

It’s very hard to come by a good writing from the newer breed.

Wedding preps and all was very mind boggling to read. Especially part nak kire2 kos nak tiru mcm die buat. Lagi bengkek tgk artis-artis punye wedding. Gempak nak mampus.

But seriously, yg biase2 sudah. Utk guys, lepas kahwin lagi berat beban. Hahaha

Salam, nice way to use the term ‘blog hop’ 🙂
This is my first time here and read this post. In my case, i begin blogging to learn and improve my writings, but then, I was trapped with what you called ‘materialistic’ blogging. After realising that I’m way of my real objective, I tried to re-define my blog and what I want to do with it. I remove the ‘materialistic’ post and leave the rest which show what I think and what I want to share…most of it if not all. hehe 🙂
All in all, I get a ‘similar wavelength’ feeling when I read this post. Thanks again.
Just to share, my personal blog: and my ‘ambitious’ blog:

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