Blip Tv: I Know I like It!

You might think it’s another copycat of YouTube, partially, but I don’t think so. I will be using Blip.TV for my other blog, ourfwd.

YouTube, I’m sorry our marriage couldn’t last.

ps: What was the frigging tennis guy thinking? Showing off?

pss: The last video is actually horseshit, I was told   😥

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7 replies on “Blip Tv: I Know I like It!”

The guy who tried to execute the stunt of flying across multiple vehicles must have got nasty road rash since the abrasion wounds won’t be easy on him! Imagine travelling at around 100kmph along a rough ramp! Yeowch!

OMG I feel so sorry for the last guy! Maybe it’s just bad karma returning to give him a good kick in the butt… at the wrong time 😀 now I’m reminded of the bad karma speech made by Sharon Stone!

Even with a full suit, I don’t think mere wounds was inflicted. He must have broke his ribs, shoulder,.. at least a bone. 100kmph to 0kmph in < 1 sec = near death or tunnel experience *gulp*

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