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Shaz Kebab: Working Harder

We’ve been open for about 5 days now. I can say that I’m proud of Aisyah, she did so much in from nothing to something in just 6 weeks. Hats off to you my darling.


We’re open from 10 am to 10pm. This picture was taken during our closing time. It’s a beautiful setup at a food court. The remark we got most was the sign board, which reads Tom Yam. There was a couple of incidents when customer walked up to us and ordered a “Nasi Goreng USA”, brother, we sell kebab ONLY.

I drop by daily and help with what ever needs helping. From designs, printing, mopping the floor, doing the dishes, even program the cash register. The whole reason of doing this is shoulder the burden placed on my wife. She’s 5 months pregnant and still works hard. I can’t possibly lose to a girl can I?


The menu was a rush design. I spent 2-3 hours till late, designing and eating kuaci (for inspiration), only to notice that I forgot to save! The next day, the iMac in our room crashed. Seriously, I had that much trust on the Mac. Key take away, press CTRL – S every 5 seconds!


This is our beef kebab. Initially it’s sliced and stacked manually. Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy to make it consistently. In the end, some turn out well done, some medium well done, still very rich in flavor. Our Lebanese bread is awesome. It’s so tasty and easy to roll. Pressed with panini grill, the bread becomes super crusty. It’s best eaten hot, but we have to experiment for take away as it gets soggy easily.


The beef burger. Using the same meat as kebab, except using burger buns rather than Lebanese bread. I’ve got to say, it’s a lot better than any street burger I’ve tasted. At RM 5.50 I do think it’s a bit expensive, but I’ve got to remind people, this is sub standard of Chilli’s, TGIF and the rest.

Most people enter business for profit. I have remind myself, that I am doing this to follow the sunnah of our prophet. Profitable or loss, it doesn’t really matter, as long as we are sincere in delivering the best to our customers.

Last words, Congratulations again to everyone who is involved in the making of Shaz Kebab. This is just a starting point, the beginning of a beautiful journey of what may come. InsyaAllah.

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ps:  Did I mention bloggers eat for free? (on next visit la, upon blogging of course)

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“Profitable or loss, it doesn’t really matter, as long as we are sincere in delivering the best to our customers.”

Alhamdulillah, I’m proud with your passion.

InshaAllah, one day, I’ll come to your place 🙂

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