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Behind Obama, United States and Malaysia

First and foremost, I’d like to pay utmost respect to Obama on winning the presidency seat. (So which desk did you pick?)

Barrack Obama

We’ve heard and read so many stories about him, online or offline. Me? I couldn’t care less about his campaign. Politicians, they all echo the same thing, Change. It’s the marketing strategy that grants you the upper hand. Obama went super viral.

Few days ago, I had a small teh tarik session. The topic varies from politics to jokes. One of the thing that pulls my attention was this statement.

Obama is the first black president, why can’t Malaysia have a non bumi PM?

I can’t help but ponder why would anyone ring that kind of question. Are you power hungry? Racist? Performance driven?

Independence. For starters, United States had her Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain[1. Wikipedia Independence Day (United States)]. Malaysia, August 31, 1957. Do you see how big of a gap is that? Americans have matured, Malaysian, still in our teeny years.

3rd World Country. America is a developed country. Malaysia is a developing country.

Language barrier. American has English as their mother tongue. Malaysia has at least 4. Unless you’re willing to forfeit your mother tongue and speak Malay (National Language) day in day out. Nobody will have a problem communicating.

Education System. Our education system is so diverse and racist to begin with. Why do we have vernacular school? Are we scheming something for the greater goods? We don’t like our kids mixing around? Perhaps we think we’re noble compared to others. We seriously need to halt segregating our ethnics and devote ourselves to one race, Malaysian.

The Bumiputera Injustice. They (long gone politicians) promised to spread evenly the wealth of Malaysia. Unfortunately, do you see how natives of East Malaysia struggle in their daily lives? How many contracts have been awarded to same company over and over again, cronies? You tell me.

Civic Minded. We claim to be polite, caring and loving but are we? Try greeting a complete stranger and see how they respond. Not to mention, polluting every litter possible, not talking to neighbors and putting a hardened face in public places. We are not considerate enough.

One American Live. Have you watched an American war film, does it bother you they can kill anyone just to save an American? It shows how dearly they think of each other. Malaysians..? Cincai lo, die, die la.

It’s all about money and quality living. Let Obama run and worry about his country. We have our children’s future to worry about. So don’t go putting your nose where it doesn’t belong, it smells awfully wrong.

ps: Let’s do something about racism in Malaysia!

pss: Before you brand me a racist, let me assure you, I am performance based. If you don’t perform, then you’re out.

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After poking around Wikipedia (ahha, I turn to it for all life questions, perhaps) and the web, I read that NEP is set off to make the Malays, the largest ethnic group by population, to hold a proportionate amount of financial assets as with their relative population. The aim of NEP is simple – while taking advantage of Malaysia’s rapid economic growth in the 1970s to 1990s, it seeked to reduce the relative share of financial assets by other ethnic groups and increase that of the Malays. But don’t get me wrong there – we’re speaking in relative terms, which means that other ethnic groups are actually benefiting from the economic boom too, although a little less than the Malays since their relative share of the economic pie falls but the absolute value of the economic pie increases.

However, given that Malaysia has reached a developing country status and that high rates of economic growth is no longer sustainable (unlike in India or China where utilisation of resources are far from socially-sustainable levels), the growth of the economic pie will slow down. But NEP still keeps it the way that it reduces the relative share of asset ownerships of other ethnic grousp, this might actually lead to a fall in the absolute value. This has motivated many politicians to call for the scrapping of the entire NEP.

While what is said above is definitely true (and I believe so too), the social consequences of scrapping the NEP is drastic. What we actually need now is just to keep the relative share of financial assets by each ethnic group as what is it now, instead of shrinking / ballooning the relative share of any other group.

NEP isn’t a really big concern now anyway – we need political stability. Foreign news channels have started focusing on the entire Anwar ISA RPK Altantuya whatnots hoohah, and we need to fix the mess as soon as possible – political instability has shown to greatly hamper economic growth. Facing the global economic meltdown, we need to act fast. We must make sure that no capital flight occurs like what happened to many other countries in 1997 – political instability, social unrest coupled with investors’ own worries of their hot money.

Ah, am I saying too much? 😯

I don’t really understand Malay a lot, so correct me if I’ve intepreted the above comment wrongly.

I frown upon comments that relate ethnic groups / races to nations. There is no correlation between ownership of a land to a particular race. What a load of bollocks. Please don’t throw that argument that we minor ethnic groups get a place to stay in Malaysia just because it’s upon the mercy of the government to issue us valid passport, birth certificate and citizenship.

As long as a person is born in that country, I believe that he has all the right on earth to claim citizenship. There’s nothing about race and religion. It just puzzles me why people have to entwine these together. Illogical.

There is no Malay Malaysia, no Chinese Malaysia, no Indian Malaysia… this is OUR Malaysia. Everyone has a share in contributing to the growth of this country, as well as maintaining the prosperity we have now, while trying to achieve social stability and equality. See that word, equality? 🙂

No man is different from one another just because he is of a different race or believes in a different God.

“As long as a person is born in that country, I believe that he has all the right on earth to claim citizenship. There’s nothing about race and religion. It just puzzles me why people have to entwine these together. Illogical.”

Life is not that simple.

Life is about forming a society and living within that society.

Unfortunately some races are more aggressive and cruel then others. E.g the European or caucasian killed the natives and tribes in US and Australia and claim the land and setup their cultural print.

So this happen in Malaysia. The European came and bring in Chinese and Indian labours to be their kulis. When they lost the wars they left behind this problem.

So the Malays being kind or stupid now that we think of it gave citizenship to Indians and Chinese migrants when no other country in the world would do that. The Malays did it under duress from the British.

So u have to live with this Malay world and culture or u can go back and live with your Chinese culture in China or India who ever u maybe.

The Malays have the rights to live according to their language and ways now that they have chased the european away.

“Therefore, I salute all Americans for making this history of the world. Shame on Malaysia in terms of we are multi racial country but when come to this issue, multiracial can never prevail but only ONE race is allowed to dominate.”

Kwang you are a pathetic Chinese. You are also an ignoramus. Before you start saluting Americans for electing a half black man you should salute UMNO and Malaysia for electing a half Chinese man as the President of UMNO and the PM of Malaysia.

The Malays are well known for their generosity and lack or racism. Pak Lah is half Chinese when he was elected PM his family from Hannan cameover and reported in the STAR.

But Pak Lah, like Obama embraced the local culture and fight and think of himself as Malay first.

Look closely at Pak Lah eyes…yes they are sepet because he is half Chinese!

It is ignorant Chinese like you who are ungrateful for the your american dreams in Malaysia that is run by the Malay Civil Service as developed country so that it grows and grows.

Only Malays grant citizenship in the millions..Idi Amin send all the Indians packing to England.

Obviously, Chinese and Indians have become the new African American in the eyes of a typical racial extremist and supremacist like you.

I beg to differ what you’ve said – some Chinese and Indians are brought over to Malaysia as labourers, but not all. Please get your facts right about history – don’t try to throw those skewed facts in my face. You know very well that there are Chinese and Indians of all different professions that come to Malaysia.

Malaysia did not ‘chase’ the British away – we just gained independent of them because we had proven to the British empire that we are a country that is capable of governing itself. We pushed for independence on the basis of unity and equality – and not denouncing that ‘oh, this is MALAY land’ or whatsoever. The name doesn’t imply anything.

And don’t get me wrong. I do respect Islam as being the official religion of Malaysia. I have no qualms that Malays are the major ethnic group in Malaysia. But I do not agree with the supression of other believes in Malaysia. I cannot condone the marginalisaiton and disadvantaging of the other minor ethnic group.

What you’ve just said just came out of the mouth of a supremacist. I didn’t object against Malay culture nor did I say that Malay shouldn’t be the offical language. Stop putting words in my mouth, unless you’re pretty much sure that I’ve said those (but most of the time I am aware of what I say and are SELECTIVE in my wording, unlike you, sadly enough).

Then again, I’m proud to be a Malaysian. It’s people like you that tries to create disunity in the country and create problems that don’t exist at the first place. Thank God, you’re not going to be a politician (I hope so).

yo.. noktah hitam aka black dot..i begin to like your blog as i believe open discussion is very healthy when we discuss any issue.. r u doin any link exchange?

to reply to ‘malay’…aiyo… apa punya pemikiran yg TAK LOGIK langsung…

ok..dis is from wikipedia:

Abdullah Badawi was born in Kepala Batas, Penang to a prominent religious family. His father, Ahmad Badawi, was a prominent religious figure and UMNO member. Badawi’s paternal grandfather is Syeikh Abdullah Badawi Fahim, who was one of the founding members of Hizbul Muslimin, later known as PAS. Syeikh Abdullah Badawi Fahim was also a famous nationalist and first mufti of Penang after Independence.His maternal grandfather, Ha Su-chiang (also known as Hassan), was a Chinese Muslim who came from Sanya in Hainan.

wat a joke to tell me he is a half chinese..even though it is, what so big deal with it?? haiz.. malay (you) memang malay..i think you are quite racist~

kawan.. Pak Lah grandfather is Muslim and his maternal grandfather is a chinese converted muslim. So?? First of all, I do not know whether Pak Lah had ever seen his maternal grandfather. He is known to ALL Malaysians except YOU that he is a Muslim and practises Islam. We all know how great his father as a religious figure and his grandfather who was the key player in PAS formation.

Have ‘malay’ (you..plz use other name , i do not want to be misunderstood to say malay race) being told he has EVER practice ANY Chinese tradition before? From his family background, it is well known that he is also a religious person as well. Thats is one of extra point why Tun Mahathir had choosen him as he has strong faith in his religion compared to any others. He is expected to serve the Muslim community well. Did we ever see in the newspaper he celebrated Chinese New Year and go back China to visit his ancestors? Joker la you..PLZ ASK TUN MAHATHIR OR ANY UMNO LEADERS about their generousity in choosing a half Chinese to become a PM.. they will laugh for their whole life! Do you ever think his so called chinese background as u claimed has any influence in choosing him as PM.. r u a kindergarten kids? I shall post this and ask Chedet.

Now, when I saw your comment, i found it totally irrelevant~ Thats y i find time to reply you.
‘But Pak Lah, like Obama embraced the local culture and fight and think of himself as Malay first. Look closely at Pak Lah eyes…yes they are sepet because he is half Chinese! ‘

Think of himself as Malay first? Well, has he think of a Chinese ever before in his life? It will be definitely NO… looking to his background and u tell me he put his identity as Malay first is a totally out of the question and God ..WHAT A JOKE! He has been a Malay since he was born.. brother.. and he is following well his father in terms of faith in Islam..

he is sepet because he is a half chinese? What r you trying to say? R u making a racist statement?

‘The Malays are well known for their generosity and lack or racism’. Well, I agreed Malay are generous as in general.. i do have Malay friends and i know well that..but to say there is lack of racism i totally disagreed referring to the UMNO ahmad ismail.
Brother..see my post CLEARLY… i didnt say malay are racist.. the dominance i mentioned if u evaluate it carefully is all about the Malay politican..(u know which party) that ‘mengapi-apikan’ semangat perkauman within their OWN race.. there is a difference.. plz take note..

‘..Malaysia that is run by the Malay Civil Service as developed country so that it grows and grows.’. Brother.. do you have Chinese friends? If you dun have, dun be racist..start knowing some.. good for your soul.

R u claiming that Malaysia are developed country because it is run by Malay civil service? What a totally IGNORANT views! R u living in a cave? Do you know that the system that have been practised by some party has caused to the civil servants to be dominated by a certain race.. Bro.. do you know not what is happening in our country to non Malays.. Double standard is being practised. There are a lots of lower social class of non Malays that wanted to join the civil service but their rights have been denied as in double standard is being practised. Dun believe me..go ask any adult non Malays.. is either ur application is rejected or they give you a post that you dont want or more prominently they sent you to a place far away from your choice. Thats is why there is poor enrollment in the civil servant. You want example. LEt me tell you a real case. This apply to the Immigration and JPJ department. A chinese driving coach was telling me.. for years we chinese have been applying to the job at JPJ but our application has been denied. HAve you see any non malays officer in JPJ or immigration…as for me, i haven seen before..if yes.. it is countable numbers.. dun simply blame without figuring some facts.. it show how ignorant r you..

i strongly keep my finger cross that Malaysia one day can achieve Bangsa Malaysia by eliminating some racist sentiment as shown by you (malay again not malay race’). we can only achiee the best for the country and for our ownselves should we think liberally and be open minded. Do not too care of supremency.

tq.. plz do not reply me with another silly joke.. i cant tahan~

bonkersz@ tak kisah lah apa taraf pemimpin yang lepas2 tu, kau pun buta sejarah, aku kata org nusantara faham maksud org dari kawasan sekeliling nusantara, bukan nya yang mata sepet datang Tanah melayu atas faktor ekonomi atau bangsa yang di bawa masuk oleh Inggeris. Damn!! Kau yang bebal!!!

Hahaha! Aku tak tau pulak kalau India tu dikira Nusantara, sedangkan banyak pemimpin Melayu, keturunan India.

Pak Lah, bukan ada darah mata sepet? Tetapi mereka ini jadi pemimpin Melayu, pemimpin Tanah Melayu.

Pendek cerita, kedatangan orang Melayu, suatu ketika dahulu juga atas sebab ekonomi. Dari mana mereka datang? Nusantara? Afrika? China? Itu bergantung kepada fakta sejarah mana yang ko selidik.

Your definition of ‘orang asing’ terlalu sempit dan bersifat memecahbelahkan perpaduan rakyat Malaysia 🙂
Siapa hendak mengambil alih negara ini? Itu yang menghairankan, wujudkan igauan songsang sebegini, kononnya ‘orang asing’ hendak merampas kuasa orang Melayu, sedangkan semuanya sudah termaktub dalam perlembagaan.

To ‘malay’:

“So u have to live with this Malay world and culture or u can go back and live with your Chinese culture in China or India who ever u maybe.”

I doubt your Malay brethren sharing the same idea with you. You are insulting Malays by saying they cannot co-exist with other races and implying other races are more aggressive that they pose threat to the Malays.

Your history understanding is screwed up, when on earth the Malays were under duress and forced to give citizenships to other races by British? British agreed to the independence because they believe this country can be self governed by all the races, not just one race.

Why you think the 3rd, 4th generation of other races as people who are here to ‘steal’ from the Malays, and takeover the country? What basis of your presumptions?

Since when other races object Malay cultures, or denying the rights of the Malays to go about with their custome, and using Malay language as the national language? Mind you, it is the politicians and some fanatics interpreting every actions by other races as sinister plots to ‘weaken’ or destroy the Malays.

Fear. When you fear, you cannot think straight. Now, think again. ➡


Hehehe I have more interesting views …Kwang

Its a pity Malaysians dont understand the similarity between Obama and Pak Lah.

Even American miss this point. Obama father was not part of the slaves that are the ancestors of most negros in America.

He was a Muslim student from Kenya so had no slavery hangup.

PakLah Chinese ancestor was never a factor as Malays are racially blind. Pak Lah embraced Malay culturally, Obama embraced the Jews wholeheartedly. Obama drop his father’s name Hussein, gave up Islam embraced Catholic, appoint a Jewish fighter immediately as Chief of Staff.

So there is nothing there about Obama that any malaysian can be proud of or want to emulate.

They should be proud of Pak Lah the 25% Chinese who was able to lead the Malays and Malaysia by embracing culturally the Malays and think himself as Malays first.

Just as Obama think of the Jews first.

If Pak Lah Chinese grandfather had taken his wife back to China he would be Chinese. As it is his grandfather chose to assimilate and adopt Malay culture and language and let his daughter marry a Malay thus letting a quarter Chinese to be the PM of Malaysia.

Of course if his grandfather wanted to promote Mandarin he would have been chased away or worse, which he wisely avoided unlike some smart alec politician.

To Bonkers

“Your history understanding is screwed up, when on earth the Malays were under duress and forced to give citizenships to other races by British? British agreed to the independence because they believe this country can be self governed by all the races, not just one race.”

This fact is well known, the British forced the Malays to agree to give citizenship to the immigrants or else these people who were British Empire citizens may have to go to England just as in Hongkong or Uganda. The MCA had to go on a campaign to persuade Chinese to register as citizens so politically uninterested were they about Malaysia. So too the Indians, Seenivasagam was so grateful to the malays saying no other countries would have done it.

Why do you think immigrants Chinese and Indians deserved to be citizens of an unknown country? Most just want to make a fortune and go back to Kwangtung or wherever.. Most of them had dual citizenship as they were not sure of the economic prosperity in then Malaysia. At one stroke it saved the British from their burden of their collapsing colonialism.

The natives malays were taking Persekutuan Tanah Melayu back from the British.

To Teddy

“Malaysia did not ‘chase’ the British away – we just gained independent of them because we had proven to the British empire that we are a country that is capable of governing itself. We pushed for independence on the basis of unity and equality – and not denouncing that ‘oh, this is MALAY land’ or whatsoever. The name doesn’t imply anything.”

Hahaha..the British give up Malaya which was rich with rubber and tin willingly? The Malays were willing to take up arms and the British empire then was crumbling there was nothing that they can do. The Japanese success in humiliating the English and incarcerating them showed Malays that the English were not invincible. And the Japanese offered greater SEA.

If vernacular schools continue to teach Mandarin and Indians culture of course there will be a collision in future. That is a guarantee.

Although 3rd generation chinese and Indians feel they are unfairly burden by the sins of their fathers/grandfathers their option is really not bad. With their vernacular education they have their cultural ties intact. While Malaynes cannot be changed..however hard people like Raja Petra would try by marying a chinese, it is not possible to convert the natives into another cultural makeup.

The aggresiveness of chinese or indians or bangla or mynamar migrants is well recorded. Lim Goh Tong came over with only RM10 and by hard work and luck venture into gambling that allows him respectability with his fortune. As Malays frowned publicly on gambling he was able to monopolise gambling abetted by prominent malays family.

The unfair trade practices and cutthroat lifestyles of chinese labour are also frowned in europe or us…to be continued…hehehe :halo:

I don’t get it this Jews vs Muslims thing 🙂 Historically… both religions worship the same God, acknowledge same prophets. Period. (Not going to comment long because it’s irrelevant to the topic)

Being given citizenship is a right – not a privilege. I beg to disagree with you. Granting a person citizenship has nothing to do with our colonial past – even if the Malays are not forced to give out citizenship, you will eventually have to. No country can be made up of a pure ethnic group, and what makes a country thrive is the peaceful coexistence between different races that have comparative advantage in different industries. No man is an island – so does for a single race, religion or ethnic group.

What you have in your mind is that other ethnic groups are snatching what the Malays should have entitled to – this is not true and complete unfounded. I don’t see any wrong with Lim Goh Tong operating a casino in Malaysia – the rules and regulations are well laid out, Malays are not allowed to enter the casino and neither are they forced to enter one. Then what about alcoholic drinks? Just because you can’t consume them that means a nation-wide ban on them? So far I don’t see any such ban kicking into effect.

Mind you, inter-racial marriages are not an attempt to ‘convert the natives into another cultural makeup.’ Marriage is personal devotion and commitment to one another – I have no idea where did you get that skewed opinion of yours. Inter-racial marriages are just like any other marriages, and you frown on them just because it involves people from different races? How racist.

Again I thank God for you not being a history textbook author.

arab and european..jews and arabs… they are the promoters of the two main religions and also promoters of endless crusades..fights..wars.. I have always said malaysians should be wise enough not to take sides. Arabs and europeans had been fighting for centuries..for their own supremacies..over their own naionalistic egos..we are just at the side lines asking why?

hey, this is just my concern…

why obama become us president.. kerana kemampuannya untuk mempengaruhi orang kulit putih dan kulit hitam.. dia mempunyai character nya yang sendiri… tengoklah berapa juta orang putih berhimpuan semasa taklimat menerima jawatan… cara dia cakap.. cara dia berdialog.. mmg mempengaruhi sesiapa yang mendengarnya.. dia tak memaksa pun sesiapa untuk memberi peluang black control amerika.. no..! nonsense.. even white, jew, black, chinoz.. all together support him.. with open heart… not kerana dipaksa..

one day if Malaysian ada leader dari bangsa bukan bumiputra.. dan dia mampu mempengaruhi melayu, india, cina…untuk menyokongnya.. off course semua akan terima..

i think, nobody should say, onather race must give chance to another race to lead.. hey mate u wrong… dont ask for chance.. working urself.. to get respect…

:mrgreen: Masih tak paham kau ni.. aku malas nak citer panjang sbb NH dah bukak citer baru, kau lihat camni je, China, India, Thailand..bla22222 xxx Tanah Melayu, bukan aku nak citer asal usul orang tu cuma mereka semua berasas dari BANGSA faham tak? Kalau nak citer bangsa campur2, org asli je yang tulen beb!!

ps: american said they not racist infect they are big mother fucker racist. All blogger here same, dont’ deny lah..

A small piece of History for our future Generation

Hitler’s public relations manager, Goebbels, once said, ‘If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth..’ Looks like that is what Umno has been doing ever since Mahathir a/l Mohamed came into power. This has spawned a new generation of Malaysians who do not know their own history

Once again our government had to wipe out any references to a famous Melaka prince as being Hindu and belonging to the powerful Hindu empire Sri Vijaya. So all of a sudden our museums, school text-books etc. all refer to Parameswara as a Malay prince.

What race ruled or did not rule is besides the point. What is important is not butchering history to create your own truths. You cannot change your race even if you convert – Parameswara could have been responsible for Umno’s stupid and false sense of heritage through ‘Ketuanan Melayu’. If this is what it is based on, there is no ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ because the lineage of Melaka Sultans are Indians, not Malays. It is no secret that Parameswara was an Indian and a Hindu prince. It is clear from records that Parameswara never converted to Islam. He was an Indian Hindu who fled Palembang in Sumatra to eventually found Melaka circa 1400 AD and start the entire Malaysian royalty. Malaysia’s royalty was and is of Hindu/India origin. On the other hand it was Sri Maharaja who converted himself and the court of Melaka to Islam, and as a result took on the name of Sultan Muhammad Shah sometime after 1435.

The most famous of Indian Hindu Kings were Rajaraja Chola and his son Rajendra Chola who invaded Southern Thailand, Kedah, Perak, Johor and Sumatra about 1000 AD. This is Raja-raja Chola – the Indian/Hindu kings and not Raja Chulan – a Malay king.

But what is really sad is that our children are taught as though Malaysian history suddenly began in 1400 with an Islamic Melaka. Even the Malays themselves are being cheated by UMNO into believing that everything started around 1400. We are also led to believe that the Indians and Chinese first arrived on the shores of Malaysia only in around 1850 as desperate indentured labourers, farmers and miners. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The cultural influences of India in particular, and China, in South East Asia span over 2,000 years, starting perhaps with the arrival from India of the Brahmanical prince/scholar – Aji Saka in Java in AD78, through to Vietnam, Cambodia (Indo China), Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Bali, Borneo, Brunei and beyond. Malay culture is Indian culture. In fact the whole of South East Asian culture is Indian culture.

The findings at Bujang Valley speak of an ancient Indian/Hindu presence in Kedah.. There were Chinese settlements in Pahang and Kelantan around the 13th -14th century and in 12th century in Singapore… The early Brunei Sultanate had a Chinese Queen. One need not ponder at length the implications of Angkor Wat and Borobudur or that 40%-50% of Bahasa Malaysia comprises Sanskrit/Tamil words . But ALL of these are hidden away from the rakyat inc the Malays themselves so the Malays in particular grow up with limited knowledge of their own country and heritage

To illustrate, some of these words are:

bumi = boomi

putra = putran

raja = rajah

desa = thesam

syakti = sakthi

kolam = kulam

bahaya = abahya

jaya = jeya

maha = maha

aneka = aneha

nadi = naadi

kedai = kadai

mahligai = maaligai

mantra = manthrum

menteri = manteri

Suka = Sukha

Duka = Dhukkha


etc etc

(This list can go on and it is true because Tamil and Sanskrit are about 5, 000 years old)

An extremely important archeological find that pointed to one of the greatest empires in history – the Raja Cholan empire that ruled from the Maldives through India, Sri Lanka and right down to South East Asia found deep in the jungles of Johor a few years ago and made headlines in the mainstream newspapers in 2005, suddenly disappeared from the news…..

The time has arrived for us to record our history as the facts tell us and not as we would like to wish it for. The truth will never hurt anyone. Lies, always will.

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