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Behind Obama, United States and Malaysia

First and foremost, I’d like to pay utmost respect to Obama on winning the presidency seat. (So which desk did you pick?)

Barrack Obama

We’ve heard and read so many stories about him, online or offline. Me? I couldn’t care less about his campaign. Politicians, they all echo the same thing, Change. It’s the marketing strategy that grants you the upper hand. Obama went super viral.

Few days ago, I had a small teh tarik session. The topic varies from politics to jokes. One of the thing that pulls my attention was this statement.

Obama is the first black president, why canโ€™t Malaysia have a non bumi PM?

I can’t help but ponder why would anyone ring that kind of question. Are you power hungry? Racist? Performance driven?

Independence. For starters, United States had her Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain[1. Wikipedia Independence Day (United States)]. Malaysia, August 31, 1957. Do you see how big of a gap is that? Americans have matured, Malaysian, still in our teeny years.

3rd World Country. America is a developed country. Malaysia is a developing country.

Language barrier. American has English as their mother tongue. Malaysia has at least 4. Unless you’re willing to forfeit your mother tongue and speak Malay (National Language) day in day out. Nobody will have a problem communicating.

Education System. Our education system is so diverse and racist to begin with. Why do we have vernacular school? Are we scheming something for the greater goods? We don’t like our kids mixing around? Perhaps we think we’re noble compared to others. We seriously need to halt segregating our ethnics and devote ourselves to one race, Malaysian.

The Bumiputera Injustice. They (long gone politicians) promised to spread evenly the wealth of Malaysia. Unfortunately, do you see how natives of East Malaysia struggle in their daily lives? How many contracts have been awarded to same company over and over again, cronies? You tell me.

Civic Minded. We claim to be polite, caring and loving but are we? Try greeting a complete stranger and see how they respond. Not to mention, polluting every litter possible, not talking to neighbors and putting a hardened face in public places. We are not considerate enough.

One American Live. Have you watched an American war film, does it bother you they can kill anyone just to save an American? It shows how dearly they think of each other. Malaysians..? Cincai lo, die, die la.

It’s all about money and quality living. Let Obama run and worry about his country. We have our children’s future to worry about. So don’t go putting your nose where it doesn’t belong, it smells awfully wrong.

ps: Let’s do something about racism in Malaysia!

pss: Before you brand me a racist, let me assure you, I am performance based. If you don’t perform, then you’re out.

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Glad you took the time to put it in a coherent form. The gist of it I suppose would be like comparing apples with oranges.

And I have been thinking, African (suffix that with American) aren’t natives to the US, and neither are the Saxons-decendant-Whites. So, in a roundabout kind of way, the situation isn’t even comparable in the tiniest sense at all.

setuju! derang dok sibuk pasal cerita negara luar sedangkan kat negara sendiri masih terkontang kanting. dok seronok cerita negara luar sedangkan dinegara sendiri masih ramai yang menderita.

ntahlah apa dah memang turun temurun macam ni ke apa!?

yups. performance-based.
“i won’t tolerate with people who can’t work smart to perform. if you do work towards more performance, you stay. if you stay only at where you are, and you said that you’re done. you’re out, baby, you’re out!”
hehe, thats me ๐Ÿ˜€

well, it is good to see how a white country can accept a black leader namely the head of the country as well as the world. if we watch those Western movies, we will always see this phrase’ Hey, this is White area’ , ‘ You are not White, you are not entitled to have this privillege’ or ‘ you..Black..stay away!’.

In Malaysia, we dont really differentiate one’s religion.. hey you malay do this, you chinese do that… I would say the modern and educated ppl (at least university status) can accept well the bangsa Malaysia concept., means every1 is Bangsa Malaysia..any any Bangsa Malaysia can be PM or whatever post without looking to your background..

However, sadly to see that there are major group of so called ‘ lower education status’ and ‘old hard core elderly’ that hold strongly to the religion and very particular in the word supremency. My race must be dominate in this… that race can only do this and that only.. that race must ask our race first.. this is our land..

Those who live in kampung basically are easily affected by those mentioned elderly or politicians. They are easily ‘agitated’ to fight against any unusual phenomenon that they think can affect their supremency..

For example, the appointment of a Chinese woman to head PKNS. What is PKNS? What is the objective? The main thing is to stimulate business and income to the people. Does it tell u that a Malay must head the company even thought the company is meant for helping bumiputra? Tan Sri khalid for instance is a Malay that I admired. He judged a person based on quality and performance and not skin colour. Can you tell me any Malay that can replace her 33 years experience in PKNS? Knowing the Malay sentiment is so strong, he already said it is for temporary until a next suitable person of the preferred Malay can be found. But looks what happen to our ppl so called Malaysia Boleh, condemning Mr MB acts and make protests. What kind of low class mentality is that??

Pak Lah said any 1 can become PM. IF to judge based on his capability, seriously, u, me or any1 also can become PM and replace him. But if you were to say a Chinese or an Indian to take the top post.. haih.. IMPOSSIBLE..

Example? Look at Perak. By number of seats, DAP shall take the administration head. Before they could think further, there are lots of protesters, wanna make memorandum and send to the King. How well can you live with a malay MB? Will you die under Chinese MB? Will your soul get agitated with a Chinese MB?

Therefore, I salute all Americans for making this history of the world. Shame on Malaysia in terms of we are multi racial country but when come to this issue, multiracial can never prevail but only ONE race is allowed to dominate.

Malaysia can only achieved Vision 2020 if every1 of us take the call to accept the Bangsa Malaysia.. I am proudly to say I am Bangsa Malaysia.. I dont mind who head the country as long as he or even SHE do not make our ppl suffer from inflation, hike in daily expenses or no job/property. (example: THE CURRENT MALAYSIA)

wonder why my comment so long…i had wanted to make this post but i have no time.. so, i prefer to leave comment..

Early in your comment you got religion and race messed up. I’m guessing you were talking about race.

As for Perak, it’s the Sultan who decides whom to be their MB, be it Malay, Chinese & India. We cannot question his authority. Even if DAP won all the seats contested in Perak, if the Sultan does not condone, you can’t do anything about it.

Like I said in my first point, 200++ years of multi-racial community. We recently celebrated 50 years last year. Society needs time to mature, age and adhere to new concepts. We cannot force in one night. It may not happen in the next coming years, but I hope the time will come, at least in this life.

Both, you and me, could only envy Americans of their newly etched history. But seriously, American needs a paradigm shift. Someone from the ghetto could provide them just that.

ps: Thanks for the long comment! ๐Ÿ˜€ โžก

satu spacebar je differentiate the word. Dang. Thanks for the heads up.

I dont have a KPI. I don’t believe things on paper. You can be a straight A student yet be very subtle, making it hard for employer to utilize your talents.

Obama winning is not only because of somebody ‘out of the ordinary white’ becoming the president of US. If we look only at that, then of course lah we also asked whether the similar thing can happen in our country. ๐Ÿ˜†

If we see that the win proves whoever can lead in the perception of the people can ultimately win the presidential election, we may start thinking, and asking whether our system back home can produce ppl who can lead? also produce people who can manage to conquer the perception of ppl into believing that he/she can lead? (read = good leaders/politicians )

also, we must also look at how open the political scene was along the campaign trail. presidential debates, open-air campaigns…

to remind, they did not play race issues as important as economic issues. here we get, Undi MCA = Undi UMNO? Its time to look beyond race and look at the value everybody can add to our beloved country. :XO:

p/s: agree with you. we have to do sumthing about racism in Malaysia.

good points. we have a long way to go. some people shout about wanting to be equal and yet they speak a language that not all of us can understand and they put their children in schools of their choice for their own reasons and still they complain that some other races are racist…

I rather live with a hippo than a hypocrite…

being malaysian for more than 23 years now i finally had a chance to (sort of) take a peek on how life is over there in the States when my class had an international student from chicago.

she told me that in her school there was not much racism (well… at least what she can see) in the first place as there are only ONE school system for the whole state. the difference is that you either go to a school that has an awesome facility or a crappy-ass one. the choice is yours (or at least your parents’).

next, i do agree malaysia is a developing country. thus, the scatter of development is somehow not thorough and this can be seen in the east section of malaysia whereby there are still places that are not properly developed. talk about wawasan 2020, right? i know its kinda corny to just simply blabber about it but then again if the ratio of development is not evenly distributed, then how can you claim malaysia to be a developed country? right?

thirdly. about the crony-ism (is this a valid word ~ unsure…) that seems to still spread like cancer within our society. its so embedded that i think its somehow safe for me to say that its kinda racist. this ethnic only gives/passes on the tender to the same ethnic regardless if the firm can or cannot complete the project. its kinda pathetic. then if they are unable to comply with the contract, fingers started to be pointed here and there. my brother (who is a QS btw…) states that this has made his life much harder as those people who works under this firm who got ‘bambu’, not the big ‘taiko’ who seal the deal in the first place.

malaysia, truly asia?

perhaps one day.

Crony practice is not something abnormal. If you were in the position of power, you’d certainly understand when people nags for business all the time. You give them some, they want more. A firm no is needed to set the foot down.

Crony is not ethnic based. Pak Lah gives contracts to Patrick Lim. They are crony, but different ethnic and race. I referred to crony because of the injustice subdue towards bumiputera. Example below;

I supply PC, you supply PC. I always supply PC to gov and you dont. In the long run, your company will fade away. That’s the kind injustice I want to point out.

Sometimes, government wants to direct nego. Reason being, they like you and the kind of image you brought for them. Even if you can’t do it, they still want you to do it. If you denied, bid farewell to your future contracts.

I can go on and on about crony, but I think it’s enough for today.

ps: boy, hold you punches before you get to look at the real world. You might have second thoughts :kiss: ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

i guess i never view it thoroughly first before said anything.
my bad.
need to learn more, gain more and experiece more in life i supposed.
but hey…
i do want some changes in our education system…

In my opinion, Obama won a popularity contest not presidency. Between McCain and Obama, who has style? who got class? who’s got the touch? and most importantly, who looks good? Hands down Obama.

Most Americans I know dont give an F about their president. Maybe I’m stuck in a wrong circle.

A leader and a politician is 2 different thing. A leader gets elected by the people. A politician sends a form then get elected.

A leader leads, a politician talks.

Fleets work for leaders, politicians work for the people.

Dont go mixing a sacred word with an oily one ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜†

Dont get me wrong boy, Im not correcting your views. Im just concerned. You know how people can google anyone these days. Maybe one day a big fat cheque will wait for you(rezeki), but you cant take it because of the words you said.

I very much want to change our school system. 100% pure Malay language. Mandarin and Tamil will be offered in secondary school so everyone gets to learn and write other’s language. English is for english. Not for science or math. It’ll only confuse them.

what’s wrong with english for science or math?
confuse them? i don’t think so
science or math in malay? how far can we go with that?
whether we like it or not, we have to change to english in learning those in uni anyway
so, why not start early?

100% pure Malay language is good
but.. that’s something to think of (which in my opinion, better learning science or math in english)

you’ve been there yourself, right?
was it easy for you to suddenly change to english when all your life you’ve been learning science or math in malay?
well.. it was hard for me. i had to struggle!

that is why, i totally agree for science or math in english
it makes life easier
better struggle now and let them get used to it rather than struggle when they’re older
kids could easily digest new things faster than an adult

p/s : we’re not THAT polite.. but for me, since we have all the adat sopan sort of things, we are consider as polite
it’s only that we’re a bit kasar ๐Ÿ˜› that’s just it

ya loh..

if we view the win as not the win for presidency, but a popularity contest, then its a so different story.

i actually wanted to write leaders, but then, i think those who can convince with cheap talks must be a politician. but there’s some cases, they are extraordinary leaders who can bring people together. Therefore there’s that “/”.

but, true, can’t mix both though. but in reality, there’s so many politicians and you just can’t tell which is a leader among them.

I honestly don’t mind any race to be a Malaysian leader as long as he/she is honest, fair and sensitive to the multiracial aspects of things.

He/she also has be strong to take the set backs from changes he’ll make.

How do you find someone who is unbiased and objective? Now THAT is the difficult part.

You scored some huge points there NH!

Although it is NOT AT ALL IMPOSSIBLE to have a non-bumi PM, that is least the case. Why does people feel it is important to have a non-bumi PM rather than to have a PM with good leadership? Theoretically, if we have a non-bumi PM, there would be some reformation in the government and how culture, religion and race are perceived, but it is THEORETICALLY.

And NO, you’re not racist. So, what shall we do with all those people who calls you racist? (since they ARE racist!) ๐Ÿ™„

p/s: I am NOT racist too. ๐Ÿ˜†

๐Ÿ˜ Aku sependapat dengan kau. Masa menentukan semua ni. Aku tak kisah saper yang jadi PM. Tapi yang pasti org Melayu akan risau kalau bangsa lain memerintah.

Ini semua berkaitan adat, budaya dan agama. A Major one “AGAMA”. I think you can read my mind, right!

Kalau lagi 100 tahun tu aku tak pasti. Masa tu org Melayu more western than western it’s self. Masa tu aku yakin semua boleh terjadi sbb hal2 sensitif org tak kisah dah, terutama bab agama. Even sekarang pun orang dah tak kisah bab agama, future no body knows.

Kita org Melayu bukan racist cuma nak jaga hak agama kita, hak ketuanan dah lama kita campak kat tong sampah. Faham2 je lah ayat ni.

Cuma satu je ada kat kepala aku, kalau org bukan Islam or non-bumi memerintah, wujudkah lagi perundangan Islam kat negara ni. Are they will follow what we had done before as muslim country. Question mark?????

Anyway good issue.

ps: aku ni jenis orthodok sikit, sorry erk NH ๐Ÿ™

pss: oh Temasik ku..

A short one from me.

University is for smart people. Period. We dont want to be the next India, having a degree, but drives a taxi. We dont want to have too much supply of professionals.

Yes, it was hard for me to convert everything in English. But I am smart, thats why I went to a university. To me, language is a barrier, a filter, if you cant pass that, then better off being a hard labor.

You probably have never tried teaching a non-English-speaking-student math or science. In truth, they have to understand 2 times, the english and the science or math. They end up not understanding anything. If it was in Malay, they’d only have to understand the science/math behind it, 1 time.

I would prefer a smarter world, University for overly smart and for my car mechanics to understand how “fotosintesis” work (sains in Malay).

I’d imaging a non-bumi PM will have a hard time attending an OIC conference. Everyone is muslim, except the PM of Malaysia.

Orthodox is ok. As long as you dont wear a C4 vest.

Sometimes i just don’t get it what’s wrong of learning science and math in Malay. It doesn’t make us less stupid later on. it’s just language. If you are good at one particular subject, no matter what language you use in your education system, it doesn’t make that quite differences.

During my schooling years, I was taught in Malay for science and math. When got into Matriculation programme, the language used for biology and math is english. I don’t think it made much differences at all. I can still study.

I had a friend in Matriculation. Her english was really terrible and dreadful. nevertheless, because she’s good at the subjects being taught back in school. which were taught in Malay (math, chemistry and biology), she can do it and excel with high CGPA. it’s all about determination.

Exactly what I think of about this issue.

In the end, the Malays would want to protect Islam (I hope so since there’s many munafik nowadays. huhu..). Somehow the question is that, what will happen to Islam once the Non-bumi’s or Non-muslim to be exact, govern Malaysia.

Honestly, I am worried… since even right now, there’s a lot of issues being raised in regards to our Syariah system and the issuance of Fatwas. To tell you the truth, I am not racist in terms that I don’t care that much about which race is that person is.. or which race controls this field in business and etc.

My main concern would go to my religion only. I think I have a duty towards it and if it requires a Malay (muslim) to be a PM, I would whole-heartedly support it.

learning in malay doesnt make us stupid
but you know… go with the flow
the terms are different
why should we learn twice of the same thing?
there are more resources out there in english rather than malay

i myself learnt science and math in malay
yes obviously we can convert whatever we’ve learnt in sci and math to english if we are determine to do it
but then, why do we need to do the same thing twice?

learn in malay as the basic, then change to english once enter uni
and forever will use english for those
so, what’s the use of learning in malay in the beginning?

p/s : if uni is for smart people, ok fine. what do you think about having english school and malay school separately like in the old days?
isn’t that like.. specify you, right from the beginning which path you’re gonna go and what you’re gonna be in the future

I don’t think you learn them twice, it’s only a matter of translation. Grab a dictionary and you’re well off on your own.

I agree with you that there are more resources in English. But how does that position countries like German, Japan and France? They speak their own language, obviously a lot less resources than English. In fact, you have to learn their language to enter their uni.

I want everything in Malay because I want Malaysians to uplift Malay language.

If let’s say the next generation adhere to all English format. The gov sector will have to reform as well, using English as their main language. Who then will use Malay as a medium since we know almost every private sector uses English? Malay as bahase pasar? Only as dialect to speak with the elders?

While we’re on the hunt to embrace globalisation, I foresee this another form of invasion. Invasion of language.

Adila, I’ve seen kids giving up on science and math because they couldn’t understand what the teacher was blurting out in front of the class. English seems TOOO foreign for them.

In the old days, you need to take exams to enter an English school. Not only you have to pass English, but you have to be intelligent as well. It’s a filter. During those days, English school was established by British. It was way beyond our power.

I think I should write a persuasive post on this.

Although I’ve always wanted a non-Malay prime minister for my life, your post made me hold my tongue and think a little. I’m thinking about the immaturity of Malaysian politics, given to see that how politicians use horribly obvious and no-brainer ways to throw each other in hot water.

I am a Chinese but I’m trying to be objective and stay rationale. I have no preferrence for what kind of prime minister – I only want one that is capable of ruling the torn nation and bringing rights to everyone, not just the ones sitting on the higher rung of the society.

I’m thinking if one day we have a non-Malay prime minister, will he ‘take it all out’ on the Malay politicians and more importantly, innocent Malay citizens? Will he see it as a change to take revenge, avenging based on what the Malay-dominated government has did to his particular minor ethnic group? It just worries me. What if he introduces drastic changes than undermines the Malays, the largest ethnic group by population in Malaysia? There will be tremendous political and social instability.

Now that takes us to the issue of the New Economic Plan of Malaysia. Many call it the hallmark of Malaysia’s racist policy – the way it is crafted seems to put a particular, major, ethnic group at advantage as compared to others. But have we ever scrutinised the policy closely? Since I’ve a kid, I’ve heard my parents complain day in, day out about how barbaric the policy is and it’s only until recently that I’ve started to look into the root of the problem. Without the New Economic Plan, Malays, the major ethnic group in Malaysia, might not secure a proportionate amount of assets in the economy. Although without the plan the Malaysian economy will be way more efficient (people who work harder will have a higher share of the economic ‘pie’), it throws the largest ethnic group into disadvantage. With them having the higher population weightage, they are capable of causing major disruptions by rioting and creating social unrest. In order to keep racial tensions low and the economy more equitable (not efficient, but equitable. Anyone who’ve learned economics before will know that there’s a tradeoff between efficiency and equity). It’s just unavoidable.

We also have to keep in mind that the NEP didn’t benefit all Malays equally. Only those in the middle class and the upper class, who are aware of their rights (due to assymetric information, poorer Malays may fail to understand and hence excise their rights) will gain, while the others will not. This creates a disparity. So there is also this unfair advantage even within the ethnic group itself.

Now I’m thinking, what if the new prime minister repeals the NEP (which is most probably what other ethnic groups will be pushing for)? The whole country will just collapse overnight, the transfer of economic share will be evident causing creater income disparity between ethnic groups. Racial tensions flare, and before we knew, maybe we will end up states wanted to secede from the country. It’s a nightmarish scenario, I’m not sure anybody had give much thought about the possibilities.

That’s why I don’t really know whether should we hope for a non-Malay PM… I think we should just get one that satisfy more than half of the population, get going, and wait for perhaps a hundred more years and see what happens ๐Ÿ˜›

This is the reason why I said numerous time, you are well ahead of your age Teddy.

I myself haven’t read the whole NEP thing. It’s so racist, that I think I might hurt myself after reading it.

Oh thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ hah! Most of the words actually comes from my geopolitics teacher back in high school – he is one of the most objective person I’ve ever seen. I just give his words a little more thought.

In fact, NEP is what that is keeping the Malaysian society and economy from collapsing. Although it does no justice to people of other ethnic groups, it’s the best solution that the government can settle with… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Tuhan jadikan manusia berbilang bangsa. Dari jumlah mereka yang banyak maka berteraburanlah mereka diatas muka bumi ini. Maka di beri pula tanah untuk mereka nikmati dan hidup mereka dalam kelompok mereka. Diangkat mereka dari jenis bangsa mereka untuk memimpin mereka. Dari situ wujudlah kg, daerah, negeri dan akhir sekali negara.

Maka bangsa itu di kenali dari wujudnya negara mereka. Bagi yang tak punya negara masih boleh hidup berkongsi dengan tuan punya tanah, dan juga menikmati hasil dari kebaikan tuan tanah.

Jadi faham lah kita kenapa Yahudi nak sangat negara. Bangsa yang bernegara. Macam di Nusantara ni kepunyaan orang Nusantara.

Allah itu Maha adil. Setiap bangsa di pisahkan di setiap kawasan berasingan. Jadi kalau wujud bangsa lain dibumi lain, yang mendatang kenalah tunduk. Itu sudah lumrah.

Jadi janganlah nak mengambil alih seperti negara sendiri, walau pun lahir dan punya dokumen yang sah, kerana anda masih org asing di bumi asing.

Aku bukan racist tapi fakta yang kadang- kadanng kita lupa dan mereka pula suka selewengkan dengan berbagai agenda yang konon setiakawan. Damn!!

NGO dan berbagai lagi merupakan pelobi mereka yang baik. Kita hanya jadi pak turut mereka, semua atas alasan ekonomi mereka pegang.

Bab saper jadi PM memang tak kisah tapi tuankah kita, boss ke kita. Tak boss lah kalau macam ni. Malas lagi nak membebel, ingat-ingat dan renunglah sendiri. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

ps:Ingat bangsa ku jangan jadi pengemis di negara sendiri.

pss:maaf NH kadang2 sedikit over.

I don’t care who will become PM, what religion, what race as long as he/she’s qualified to lead, and is accepted by all. Merits, yes!

Those asking why Non Bumi cannot be PM is akin to those saying only Bumi or Malay can be PM. Same group of people.

“Jadi janganlah nak mengambil alih seperti negara sendiri, walau pun lahir dan punya dokumen yang sah, kerana anda masih org asing di bumi asing. ”

Nampak sangat kebebalan ko ni. Cuba semak salasilah pemimpin-pemimpin negara yang lepas, dan sekarang, aku hendak tahu sangat tentang ‘orang asing di bumi asing ni’.


NEP in its more pure form is not racist and discriminatory, so it should not be abolished but to be revived back according to its true principles – to eliminate poverty and reduce the economy disparities among rakyat Malaysia regardless of race, religion and political beliefs.

Ehem, what Malaysia has done as an Islamic country? ISA is Islamic? I have more to point out, but I seriously doubt the one who said ‘Kita org Melayu bukan racist cuma nak jaga hak agama kita, hak ketuanan dah lama kita campak kat tong sampah.’ really understand what he’s saying. Nobody is questioning Islam, Malay rights, but they are just asking for fair treatment as a citizen of this country. And, please.. look back, how often this ‘attacks against Islam and Malay’ issues were brought up non other but Umno leaders (same goes to other etnic-based parties – MCA and MIC fond of raising the same ‘threats’ against Chinese/Indian cultural values and identities), to instil fear among their brainless supporters.

Re attending OIC meeting, this is academic to argue, but (that’s a big BUT here..) if there’s a chance in future that Malaysia has a Non Muslim PM (which is very very very very unlikely..), he can always send the next most qualified person to attend the meeting. I am not aware if OIC meeting must be attended by the Prime Minister.

I am looking forward for the post as I have the same stance in that. Problem is when we do thing half-baked, each and every time. Changing the language like changing diapers, everytime there is a noise from so called ‘champion of this and that language’. Stick to one, improve and enforce. Japanese, Korean, German and many countries that you already mentioned are not using English as their main language but still they are successful.

ps: I would like to see if you will hammer in on the role of Malay linguists – DEB, intellectuals, etc. to uplift the national language.

I must disagree with this. Obama sticks with the issues he advocates and not flip flopping, he didn’t strive on petty issues like Mc Cain, overall he’s pretty consistent throughout the campaign. Of course, the economy situation and his unlimited funds helped him a lot. I doubt he wins because of popularity contest. Then again, we all know.. how this world works – stupid leaders get elected, and so called ‘smart’ people bitch about their leaders afterwards. โžก

Nope. Iran didn’t go to some of it’s convention. But if it were a non muslim PM, why not go? It’ll open up to new perspectives.

Like you said bong, UMNO raised Islamic issues but in reality, they drink, practice bribery, miss solat just like other hypocrites. Let’s not deviate this topic to ISA, petty fatwa and drinking party. It could be something as small as Azan, we don’t know for sure. But we’d really like someone who’s considerate. Like a high populated muslim population, they probably need to expand or build a new mosque. You know, stuff like that.

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