Be Happy for Me, At Least..

‘At least’ is phrase commonly associated with losers who’s envious or trying to seek solace from what he’s got.

Blue Ball

Here’s a few examples:

  • At least my car is faster than yours, when his friend got a new car.
  • At least I earn 4 times than you, when his friend got a raise.
  • At least my house is bigger, when his friend bought a new house.

Of course in our lives, it’d be almost impossible to dismiss these losers ASS. In English, it’s called snobbish.

During my umrah, I gave at least a few spins on what needs to be done to become a betterman. And I realised, I’m verbal all the time. That practically makes me a MAN bitch.

No matter how hard I tried to rule out slight enviousness, it always comes knocking hard on my doorstep. The Oil Man, Bankers, IT consultants, the married couples, the newly weds, you name it, I envy them all.

But out of that desperation, I realized, at least I made enough to meet my monthly cut. What about the poor? The less fortunate? The disabled? The orphans?

So here’s a few ways for me counter that stupid feeling;

  1. Life is short. Heaven is eternity.
  2. Masha Allah. Empathize others, God has willed it.
  3. Insha Allah. My time will come, God’s willing.
  4. F it!

In all honesty, there is really no need to be envious. The key here is to never give up and never fail to try. for you by secondhand serenade.MP3

Because tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you over again
Don’t make me change my mind

Or I won’t live to see another day
I swear it’s true
Because a girl like you’s impossible to find

*this was sung by theperfectautumn on Youtube. Fall for You.

ps: I meant to write an emo post, somehow I got deviated from my own topic. I guess, NH has mellowed down.

pss: I’ve showed you an example of how to use at least in a humble manner.

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21 replies on “Be Happy for Me, At Least..”

At least.. Sekarang baru saffa sedar, I used these word to comfort my heart. Precisely, to be thankful 😉 (seek solace from what I has got)

“Eventhough I Cant go back to my village, at least I Raya with my family”

Couldnt listen to the song, speaker rosak. 🙄

at least. haha.

“at least i have shelter, food and clothings.”

that does not make me a loser, but a survivor. and the less fortunate, THE ultimate survivors. 😯

but then again, ‘at least’ is a COMMON association to ‘loser’. not the ONLY association to ‘loser’. 🙄

there’s nothing wrong with being envious FOR all the RIGHT reasons. like, challenging yourself to be better than that person. play fair. ‘at least’ that’s how i’ve been.

NOTE: ‘at least’ denotes ‘survival’ not ‘loser’ 😎

ps: aku slamat kan comment ni dari akismet. better ko tanyer org lain, ko nye comment masuk spam tak.

kalau ko lawan care bersih sekalipon, ko bole dikire sebagai kiasu :kiss:

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