Balik Kampung Berpuasa

It’s been a while since I went up north to visit my grand parents. I was fortunate enough to tag along my cousin, also a partner in crime when it comes to DotA.

Grandma is doing well. Granddad, well, not so considering he’s in his 70’s. He tends to forget whether he prayed or not, so most of the time, he doubled it. And he’s always laying down, which makes it hard to lay eyes on him. Someone who used to be very strong and determined, now, flat on his back.

While heading out to Ramadhan Bazar, I asked grandma whether she’d want some delicacies for iftar. She gave me this list that I had to memorized, which was easy actually. Then I asked Wan (grand dad), what he wanted since he was listening to our conversation.

Wan, ewin nak pergi pasar, nak pesan tak?”

He gestured a kueh,”bagi Wan.. alaa ape name ni.. ”

Apam balik? ” I asked.

Bukan! Ala mende kecik tu..” emphasizing his gesture.

“Ohh.. tepung pelita?” I asked again.

Bukan!”, he denied.

Kueh puteri lilin, karipap, murtabak, bendere, lapis, gulung, pau goreng, gule melake ..” I spoiled him with a long list of Malay delicacies.

Bukann…! Ala.. mende kad kad tu, utk handphone” he replied.

“Ohhhh! Top up!” I guessed.

“Haaa.. betul la tu!”

“Maxis, Digi, Celcom?” I asked again.

“Maxis kot

I had a premonition he’s going to be wrong, so I rushed into his room and got his mobile phone. It said, Celcom.

It’s this tiny detail that makes me miss my grandparents. I wish I could spend all day long, loitering their living room and talk about everything there is to talk about. After all, they won’t be around forever. It’s ok, I have 2 weeks off a month from now. Until then, let’s prepare a long list of questions!

ps: Sembahyang 8 ke 20? Next topic to share 😉

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9 replies on “Balik Kampung Berpuasa”

Elders are awesome when they’re sharing their stories and I love to hear them.

And yes, they’re forced to use handphones and all these topups because there are too much cable-stealing cases in the village.

aku rindu arwah opah aku..aku ni tak kesempatan nak tengok atok.. sbb lahir2 atok mmg dah takde… yang sempat opah belah mak je… dulu aku nak je balik kg sbb ada opah now nak balik kg pun pikir 2 3 kali sbb dah takde sape.. nak arapkan sedare je bukan semua ada kat kg… apa pun balik kualer jerla teman… atok deme cam sebaye ngan aboh teman.. 74 umor aboh teman.. baca story ni tibe2 teringat kampung…ish3…

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