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Baju Baru

“Hello, where are you dude? I’m here already”. I hung up while waiting for a friend near Cold Storage KLCC entrance. Neat, white, properly pressed shirt tucked into a pants I haven’t worn for ages. I had a business meeting beforehand and thought it’d be nice to ring up a friend while I was in his area.

From afar, I saw him waving, wanting me to walk his way.

Dude, apsal kuning gile baju ko?“. I believe “Ape kabar” or “how are you” is still the latest trend to greet people. WTH, get on with it.

“What’s wrong with my shirt?”

“It’s old la. It’s faded.”

“Yeah.. so?”

Buat malu je jalan dengan ko


“Why don’t we stop by G2000 and get you new ones?”

“No thanks. I don’t wear them often”

“Ok. Just want to let you know, burok syial baju ko

Deep in my dark subconscious mind, I replied, “Suke hati aku la, nak bogel ke nak pakai ape pon!

ps: I don’t really give a damn about what I wear. Shorts, purple, white, pink, dusty, rusty or what ever apparel is on this oddly proportioned body, just as long as it’s clean. I don’t need to wear a designer’s label to prove my-self-worthiness.

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wearing designer’s label is alright, as long as you keep it to yourself i.e dont go around boasting/make other people feeling worthless

im sure many people opt for branded stuff when it comes to quality i.e

a) buy a pricey but comfortable shoes for hospitals that can last you for 2 years

b) buy very-much cheaper ones that probably last you for quarter a year (which you have to spend your money and buy again)

me, i’d choose the latter one ^_^

point is, branded stuff or not, just keep ourself down-to-earth

p/s : been a while since i drop a comment. so hello eddie! and hello to me too! ^^

i used to have that same principle until i live here in europe where the price for unbranded and branded sometimes is not that different (bcos of the euro currency, the number is small) and i’ll always end up buying the branded one…boros…help!

besides i always have this crazy thought “ala beli ja branded,nanti last2 nk bwk balik Msia gak,yg murah2 tu kalo bwk balik ..tukar ke nilai RM jadi mahal gak, rugi je,dh la brand org xkenal,baik beli branded..”
..this is crazy

maybe bila tinggal kat Msia hilang kot perangai ni,sbb currency msia..nombor dia nampak besar,beza branded dan xbranded nampak besar

Stereotyping! Tak baik…Anyway, i think girls mostly are sensitive towards feeling of others. Not many would say such a thing ^^

People are brand conscious these days. To me as long as it looks good on me, ok-go.


pergh. mahu je aku leku mamat ni.
ingat buat lawak je td, tgk2 serious, damn.

p.s: nak leku dia sebab dia bukan kawan aku. haha. tu je, kalau member, ntah la. sedih juga hati ni 🙁

“I don’t need to wear a designer’s label to prove my-self-worthiness.”
-me cudn’t agree more.n that brand-conscious dude, low self-esteem?

pssttt.. When I was in UK, there’s almost no such thing as No-Brand. GAP was pretty common, so beli je tak yah pikir lebih.

But the thing about GAP, I wore them even they are torn a part.

eh..tak de salah apa pun…

dia berterus terang , kan?

ciss..double stendetlah..kadang2 suruh terus terang, bila dah berterus terang…keji lagi

betul ke kak jie ckp ni?

kak jie fikir diluar kotak, sbb dlm kotak ni sempit dah :p

tlampo btrs trg…tp btl la…
tgor leklok…
kalo da mlu sgt soh di jln jauh2…
hahaha…xpon path blik umh je…

NH, please define ‘old’. How bad is the discoloration? I still wear my old clothes and I do not feel that I am that cheap. I feel vintage. Haha

Well certain someone sees outer look as the benchmark of one’s bank account. Don’t get fooled. Big cars, fancy dresses, designer’s shoes, either they can barely afford it, or they afford it by exploding their credit cards. Oohh there was a neighbor of mine who drove one big expensive car but asked money for gas from the parents. Malu kan?

And I couldn’t agree more. GAP, Topshop, Banana Republic are all common brands. The brand for students in the UK. Being an executive, then Bally bags, Prada shoes, Bottega totes are all affordable.

In Malaysia? Baik beli beg anyam tikar tu. 🙂

Honestly, I think most guys would just blurt out bluntly like your friend did. Like some guys would always say to a girl; “Eh, you dah gemuk skarang ni”. you know that ‘gemuk’ is a no-no for a girl. once you’ve said it, some of them might sworn to be anaroxic.

tapi walau macam mana buruk pun your baju pada pandangan your friend on that day, as a friend, jahat sangat bila kata malu nak jalan sebelah.

kutuk, satu hal. perangai , satu hal juga. jujur, sangat satu hal hu3.

klu sesuatu yang sememangnya buruk dipandang dan diluar normal kemanusiaan, takpelah juga.

orang kita semakin lama semakin hilang originality nenek moyang kita. at least there is a manner to jaga hati orang lain kan?

It’s not that bad. Well, it was the last shirt I ever bought and that was way back in 2006.. I think.

I’m not really thrilled wearing designer labels, expensive watch etc. In the end, I’ll probably accidentally spill curry, make a hole or lost it.

Hmmm.. since you mentioned vintage, yes, it’s an RL label and fits my used-to-be 82kg body. For all I care, I’m wearing it with pride or at least wait for it to turn green 😛

“You dah gemok” is a very nice ice breaker. But whatever follows after that must good enough to counter the sentence beforehand. It takes talent to do that and the right kind of relationship.

Kalau cakap “malu sangat nak jalan sebelah”, memang confirm, kene hentam balik habis-habisan. If not, tak bertego sape dah.

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