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Bad Apples at One World Hotel

I was there just now, for a hotel that literally “collects award” it certainly did not lead to superior customer experience.

Bad Apples at One World Hotel 1

1. The guard at the parking was unfriendly to motorcyclist. I had to circle a few rounds at the parking lot looking for place to park my bike. He could have just gotten up and showed me the way, instead he was too busy playing with his phone. When I’ve finally parked my bike, he asked me in an angry tone to repark, like I said, could’ve been helpful a lot sooner or nicer.

I may ride a motorbike, looks cheap, gets away with free parking, but I certainly did not deserved to be yelled at as if I am stealing something.

The hotel should’ve provided a bigger parking space for bigger bikes. Nobody likes a scratched car, similar thing applies to a motorbike. It may be a lot cheaper than cars, but it doesn’t mean it has no value.

2. Staff chefs at Cinnamon cafe are sexist, racist and rude. They were head over heals when treating ladies, Caucasians and  foreigners but when it comes to same race and gender, they were rude. I am not asking them to get down, beat my meat, do my laundry or polish my shoes. I just want food on my plate WITH a smile. Even when I thanked the staff, they couldn’t even bother to say “welcome”. For a hotel that’s supposed to be hospitable, this certainly missed the mark by a continent.

Bad experiences like these spoils the day and most importantly ruins the hard work everyone at the hotel has put in. The saddest part is, it kills the hotel brand. I don’t think we will want to host a seminar anymore at the hotel as this leaves a bad impression on us if it happens to our customers.

The idiom “a bad apple spoils the barrel” is an understatement, because it was definitely more than one. I sincerely hope Oneworld Hotel can rebuild the trust and do not let this run any further as this leaves a bad remark to the award they’ve just received.

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