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Back Fire Comments from KJ & Azalina

I’m not really interested in talking about the good or bad in voting. As the GE gets closer, people are racing about the know-who, know-what, know-why, know-me and know-shit. In hope that one should be respected for his ‘updateness’ in the political scene. Me? I say it’s non-sense!

For me, politicians are a collection of fail-to-be doctors, engineers and astronauts (except those who excelled and later turned to politics for change.. whatever). That’s a questionable remark, I admit. (I do think 75% of it is true)

Look at KJ in his recent statement, “Yes, religion is important, but there is no point talking about religion when you cannot develop the people and the state. PAS Tok Guru had run the state for a long time but did not know what was going on as he ‘privatises’ everything to Husam Musa.”

KJ is making a fool out of himself. It back fires to him and his sleepy-in-law directly. He could have said,”Pak Lah has been running Malaysia for 4 years with his Islam Hadhari propaganda. Look where it has come.. NO WHERE. He should have just step down and give everything to Anwar”. I just replaced the characters.

KJ is only thinking about profiteering. Does he give a damn about inflation? and those poor soul who fought hard for every bowl of rice? poor farmers who are trying hard to cope with the fuel price? unemployed graduates? immoral acts? higher crime rate?

KJ, let me give you some advise, DO NOT try to impress people with your ‘intelligent’ remarks. Instead, find alternative lines like,”We will end poverty in Kelantan!” or “We will increase the quality of life in Kelantan”. Sounds like a hell of commitment. But isn’t that what politicians do, give empty hopes? Just don’t insult my intelligence ok.

And then Azalina slamming bloggers. Who do you think the bloggers are? Losers who can only do PHP and operate a blog? Of course with every remarks made, there’s always justifications and proofs. But if there isn’t do you think the readers are stupid enough to fall for that?

Azalina, political bloggers and blog readers are not like Friendster’s bunch, ‘Forward this message or your account will be deleted’. They are a mix of intelligent and complex people who wants something more for their kids.

Although I do not blog about politics, I read what these bloggers wrote. I failed to see any merits in your mainstream media other than sports, technology and cars section. Your mainstream media will only loop me from A to B then to A again. That made me feel stupid, and I hate anyone who insults my intelligence.

Whether its my intelligence or yours, it should be accountable for. I am not denying their credibility to lead, I’m just giving them a hard time, like the oppositions except I’m a rebellion. So politicians, please prove me wrong. Show that you become a politician because you are one hell of a smart ass!

With that, I rest my case.

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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Nice post! Sesedap rasa jer makcik tu nak kutuk bloggers. Apa, takut ker? Kita pun rakyat Malaysia jugak lah, ada hak untuk menyuarakan pendapat kita. Yang penting bagi aku, sebagai bloggers pun, kita kena jaga adab kita. Nak bergurau senda tu tak apa, asal jangan melampaui batas dan norma sebagai seorang rakyat yang terkenal dengan kesopanan dan kesusilaan nih 🙂

ImamKhalid’s last blog post..Apa yang korang tahu tentang PRU-12?

Uiks, habislah spblog bebudak nih kalo Malaysia block blogspot. Nasib baik aku tak main blogspot. So kalau benda ni menjadi kenyataan, aku ingat dah sampai masanya kita gunakan Malaysian free blogging platform macam blogmas dan lain2. Tak pun beli domain sendiri, bukan mahal sangat pun… 🙂

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