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Baby List: IR Thermometer CHECK!

Guess what? We’re having a baby girl!

So as my way of showing support to my wife, we attended an antenatal class last weekend at DEMC. I learned a lot of things, epidural, pain meter, baby health, c-section, jaundice, breast milk *raise eye brow* basically the whole she-bang about laboring a baby. One day class is definitely not enough to cover the whole thing.

As a trained engineer, safety comes first. That includes my baby. So I went on Lazada and find something that might be helpful for our baby. Since Aisyah’s temperature usually spikes up (every now and then), I needed something more than my sweaty palm to measure the temp. I looked up thermometer, I figured it’ll be really helpful to measure the baby’s as well.

There were quite a number of thermometer, but this one caught my eye (because of the discount! Hahaha) Bremed BD 1160A. A thermometer is a thermometer, don’t expect it to auto reply an email or do stock trading for you, choosing one is rather simple. I got this on a bargain.


I placed an order late night on 26 August 2013. It arrived on 28 August 2013. Considering the time to process the order and ship them, that’s a pretty impressive time line! Bravo!


First thing I did, throw the manual away (except when a self assembly is required) and start measuring myself, my camera, my laptop. It’s ONE button operation, kinda like iPhone. My only complain is the beeping sound is a tad too loud for a bed-ridden baby. I wish it could be discreet and not wake the up while measuring. Remember, a happy baby is a happy parents, an angry baby, well, you go figure that out!


If you’re a working adult, doing two-three shifts, shuffling between part-time and full time job, I’m telling you, Lazada is the place to go. You can’t really spend a quality time on the mall when your 7-months-pregnant wife is having a hard time catching up.

ps: Shopping for new baby cloth is cumbersome. I don’t exactly know what to buy 😛

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2 replies on “Baby List: IR Thermometer CHECK!”

senang betul kan kalau ada termometer digital ni, selain baby mak dan pak baby pun boleh cek suhu sama, yeler nanti bila dah masuk “Kelab Berjaga Malam” memang boleh lari jadual tidur dan badan cepat rasa tak sedap.

bab beli baju baby jangan beli yang mahal2, saiz pula beli terus saiz untuk 0-6 bulan jer.
baju untuk sambut baby bolehlah beli sepasang saiz new born tapi dalam senarai barangan yang perlu bawa masuk ke bilik bersalin nanti jangan lupa selitkan baju 0-6 bulan juga, takut saiz baby besar bila keluar dah tak muat saiz new born…hehe

mahal bang beli thermometer sampai 160 hengget. baik simpan untuk masa depan anak takpun beli insurans lagi bagus bang.

banyak lg alternatif termometer lg murah. aku guna 30 hengget je but it does serve the purpose.

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