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Awas Myvi, 3rd Light Brake Problem

If you’re driving a Myvi or any Perodua car, you should check your third brake light as often as possible. Once a month is fine.

The other day, I almost ran into one. It was night time and hard to distinguish between normal back light or braking lights since the third brake light isn’t functioning. This is definitely not the first encounter.

I have observed this malfunction by Perodua ages ago when I borrowed my cousin’s 3 weeks old car. We were issued with a RM 300 summon by the Police. How we wish we could bill Perodua for this. It was as if an under table deal was done between Perodua and PDRM, if make the third light cincai, you go find the myvis ok?

Changing the bulb is easy. The bulb will cost you RM 5 (at most), however, I would recommend changing to LED. It would increase the aesthetic and likelihood to burn out sooner.

Save lives today, save your pocket too.

ps: @azmanishak and @ejamothman, tengokkan Alza juga ya.

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21 replies on “Awas Myvi, 3rd Light Brake Problem”

My sis punya Myvi dari mula beli sampai laa ni pintu boot tak boleh buka. Kadang boleh kadang tak. Kalau tak boleh buka dari luar, dia kena climb in kat seat belakang dan buka dari dalam.

Bila pergi centre depa pun tak dapat nak settle kan. Kind of frustrating.

Oh, I thought it was just me hatin’ on MyVi so much that I noticed their brake light issue! Afterall, IT IS an ISSUE. Once, I saw 3 MyVi’s with malfunction third brake light in a span of 30minutes! It was so scary because you’re so used to seeing a third brake light.

yes, very true. pernah jumpa alza, nombor plat masih bau kedai, pun takde brakelight ni.

myvi memang selalu sangat jumpa.

benda macam ni kena ambil berat. lets say berhenti kat traffic light dengan takde lampu brek ni, possibility kena langgar dari belakang adalah tinggi.

thanks bro for this post.

My father has been using this car for 5 years already and never had any problem with the brake lights. The car year is 2010.

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