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August Rush – A Movie You Have to Watch


When I was a young fella, I used to talk to the moon 🙄

I wouldn’t say this movie is rational but the way it captures ‘music’ is what intrigues me most.

I am a big fan of late 80’s and pre-90’s rock, they wore spandex, had this huge blonde wig, wore obscene pants (exposing balls), sweat like marathon runners and were never clean but sang ‘jiwang2‘ (melodramatic) songs. It’s oxymoron, their appearance contradicts their music.

They above statement has nothing to do with the movie.

August Rush is triangle relationship between a guy, a girl and a boy. Both the guy & the girl were musicians. They met on a roof top near the Arch (NY’s landmark). They spent the night together (ahem-ahem) and the next morning they were separated.

The girl got pregnant (only a night?) and ran into an accident. The dad of the girl, decided to do ‘right’ thing, give away the baby to a foster home and told the girl, the baby did not survive.

The boy inherited musical talent from mom and dad. He learned guitar in a night and the piano in one day. Later he went to Juliart (a music school in NY) and compose a rhapsody. They even had a concert for him!

They later meet each other through music. Ok, I think I’m telling you everything here. Just go and watch the bloody movie.

ps : When I was young, I wanted my grandfather to get me a spandex 🙄


this is a spandex, click to expand.

pss: I suck at writing synopsis (always end up telling everything) 😛

psss: Verdict 8.7/10 (very generous indeed!)  🙂

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20 replies on “August Rush – A Movie You Have to Watch”

“I later found out I was only talking to myself until you appear. By the way, my name is Louis.”


“So Layla, what’s your story”

thought no one would ask about the script. There you go Aisyah.

don’t you think it’s a bit off seeing robin williams as the ‘bad guy’? i like this movie, and has since spare a quarter to almost every street musician i met. it’s amazing what a movie can do to a person.

The best thing about this movie is less conversation. You could even understand the movie on Mute!

I think its ok to see Robin William as the bad guy. I’ve always imagined him as Joker in Batman

John Rhys Meyer is gay besides i feel gross bout the ‘1 nite stand’ philosophy in every foreign movie. Ever watch ONCE? the Irish film? Best music film ever made. i heard it is compulsory for musical student.

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