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Attention Seekers, Beware

This post requires deep thinking, read it when free or skip the whole thing.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking attention, but every thing has it’s limit.

Imagine an overly exposed dress-to-kill girl. She deserves every eyeball on the floor, with the boys going OoOoh and the girls going boo. She puts a lot of effort, wasting every puff of her compact powder, lip stick and slaps on the same dress she wore last Friday night. The least we (boys) could do is sink our eyes to show some gratitude.

Whether the girl loves the attention or not, that’s not our fault. She’s the one seeking attention, we’re just giving what she wanted. And yet, we’re being stigmatize as womanizers. WTH?

Similarly in this virtual world, we can see a lot more attention seekers. Best example would be NuffNang Innit. Gosh, what’s with the detestable titles? That’s just an example, what about other blogs?

In any case, aren’t you ashamed if your kins found out about your blog? Worst, starts talking on how shallow you are, even if you strongly believe in what you wrote.

I know, the chances of them finding out is close to zero, especially if your parents always yelled for you to connect the Wifi.

I’d like to remind you, shit happens.

One day, you’ll be parents, aunties, uncles, grandpas, grandmas, big boss, chairman, CEO, managing director etc. You certainly would have a problem earning respects, if you were petty to begin with.

Blogging is a short lived ecstacy, so put more thoughts before clicking the Publish button. Also apply in the real world.

ps: To buy or not to buy.. an uber geeky MacBook Pro.

pss: To buy or not to buy.. an insanely fast super bike.

psss: To buy or not to buy.. a stupid PDA phone.

pssss: Between needs and desire, they’re all desire. Scrapppp!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

30 replies on “Attention Seekers, Beware”

aku malas nak citer banyak pasal attention seekers dlm innit…kalau ko tgk yg plg banyak dapat “nang it”…dia punya tajuk mesti lucah beb..adakah ini bermakna org kt NN semua giler sex ? πŸ˜•

ya right, shit happens and i was wondering kenapa la suka sgt pakai benda nudity and its sepupu sepapat tu..
adakah sebab semua itu sgt seductive.. huhuhu..

oh btw, beli je MacBook Pro, bike and PDA tu… you kan kaya πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

I guess deep thinking entries aren’t ‘nang’ enough for them.

yam:i guess sex is all there is for them to see, to indulge, to think, to fantasize..and i don’t wanna know what follow suit.

True about that.. something we publish now will somehow become our history. It is also show what we have in our mind and how our brain working. If many nang post is sex related, sure they all just sex maniac..

perhaps for the sake of being short-lived famous kot. but certainly ‘short-minded’.

Macbook Pro ftw! had enough of bad-PC-day. menyesal beli awal2, tunggu lama sikit boleh beli the spanking all new macbook pro. 😑 buy mine, so i can buy the new one boleh? hahaha

It’s easier to erase spoken words than to erase written, and published words.

Having freedom of speech (spoken or written), is overrated these days. IMO, whatever we put forth, we have to take accountability for. Not many realise that, and even fail to understand the phrase, “It’s my space, I write how I want,” has to be said in a sober, and smart attitude.

erh, im a self proclaimed attention whore.. but i dont do porn on my blog..

i believe everyone who blogs wants some sort of attention, is the degree of attention makes either a person a true whore or not… but then again, better than attention seeking porn whores.. lol

erm… want to highlight it or not!? nanti kang meletup lagi trafik hehe.

already aware about it at the first place but buat bodoh je huhu.

have no respect to them that use similar point just to make fast portion (kununnya lah).

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