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Assalamualaikum and Pick Up Line

Muslims are obligated to reply a salam. However, I find it rather strange when girls give me ‘that’ look.

Bazar Puasa

I was walking along the Ramadhan Bazaar, I passed some random chick and conveyed my salam. They gave me ‘that’ look, the WTF look. Note, random, not just pretty and hot ones.

I did not asked for their name. Nor did I asked for their telephone number. Just a simple ‘Assalamualaikum’, no and is not harassing at all.

I wore a decent white T and blue jeans, far from the cries of a liberating street rapist, who’d pull girls off the sidewalk and rape them in the back alley, with ‘hamsters’ (rats) witnessing the deflowering.

Come on, I look better than that. You and I know it.

So if a salam is unanswered, what other ways to say hi for fun?

“Hi, you have a nice rack!”, would certainly land me slap. Most definitely.

“Hi, you’re cute, what’s your number?” too direct, scares me too.

“Hi, you a doctor? My sudden protracted cardiac arrhythmia makes me think I’m falling for you”, very rare to bump into doctors unless I’m somewhere around Medical School.

Hi, I’d like to be more than just your brother in Islam”, not much kick to it.

Then I shall resort to my last pick up line, “Hi, I need to break my fast. Can I have a date?

Oh well.

ps: So girls, what best way to say hi for no reason?

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Tu lah pasal, dengan budak sechomel ittew pun orang masih tekezut dan tak terjawab serta kehairanan.

Apatah lagi si Eddy-Wicked-Minded-NH yang bagi salam, lagi lah tekezut beruk mangsa di tempat kejadian hahaha…

hmm.. one possible solution.. try giving salam to random MUSLIM BROTHERS as well.. then those chicks will see (hopefully) that you are not being “genderly selective” (?) and you are a “salam to all” kind of guy.. that is of course if you are indeed.. ye,.. kan?

The weirdest pick up lines (or not) that I’ve come across were when I went to Spain.

Random strangers (muslim guys, obviously) approached me smiling and reciting Quranic verses (mostly Yasin and al-fatihah) since they for some strange reason knew I understood no French or Spanish and they couldn’t speak English at all. Needless to say, none of them succeeded. ๐Ÿ˜†

As for the salam, I would answer them most of the time, provided I’m not in a foul mood. ๐Ÿ˜€

Ohhh.. This is one interesting topic. I rarely get salam from any random guy back in Malaysia. But here in Jakarta, I get it quite a lot of times actually. Probably because they know I’m a foreigner. Heh. There’s this old guy (not very old la but still old!!) who always stares at me everytime I pass him by and sometimes even give me salam, which I always ignore. (Coz I thought I’m not obliged to reply a salam from a total stranger).

But usually when a stranger (especially guys) gives me salam, I reply je dalam hati. I will not say it out aloud sebab takut orang tu ingat kita nak menggatal plak. Huhu. Dilema tuh! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Wahaha.. You give the salam to random girls?
If I were they, I will also react like them. ( im a boy not girl)

Of course lah..
our minds were set like that. if a boy give salam to a girl with a sudden. It sounds like the boy wanna ‘tackel’ the girl la..

ade jgk yg ckp, ” assalamualaikum, x jwb berdosa,
jawab , suka kat sy ” >.<

ye la tu mr webby.. tapi just put a smile in your face je dulu, insha allah things will turn out great. believe me.. i tried it before.. ngehngehngeh.. pastu if slalu snyum tak la dia rs kekok if you bagi salam… (kot).. incase jumpa lagi la..

alpha male bukan terer ke? ๐Ÿ˜›

actually… kebanyakan gadis lebih suka jwb dalam hati. sambil senyum simpul mungkin. itu kalau friendlylah. kalau tak berapa nak friendly tu… maapkan saje. bulan2 puasa ni kan.. mungkin dia overdose kebuluran barangkali. :p

p/s: taman melawati punya pasar ramadhan mmg gila teruk dia punya jam. sampaikan satu melawati sesak.

Well, in my experience, I have tried to be just ‘saje’ friendly with people around, just random, by answering their salam or responding to their remarks, but some people take this to be a ticket to, ask for phone numbers, or ask to go on a date?? I don’t do that, I just respond to be friendly. But since most of the time I do that, I always get what comes next, so I have started to ignore people. ๐Ÿ™„

Saying that it isn’t our culture..I agree to that, since when we are in a western country or any western tourists in Malaysia say hi to us, thats it. It really is just a sincere oppose to ‘I want your number’-hi or ‘I want a date’-hi. so the best way to say hi to random people…just make it a sincere one, no ulterior motives..I guess…

nak wat camne, harap bersangka baik jer la, fgn fikir mcm2 bro. munkin pompuan tu plik mamat mane tah tak knal tiba2 tego.lain la sdara mare dia ker. should think positive pal, coz nowdys many cases white colar crime,look decent on the appearance, but actually evil on the inside.the chick might think some crook want to take advantages of em.
better u just bought some dishes wiout looking too other chicks during ramadhan,coz, u must think, u still fasting, not just ur stomach, but “ainun” eyes. tazkirah la sikit2, dont get angry pal, for wut i just said.

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