Arin’s Wedding 10th July 2011

I wanted to write about #bersih2.0 but I think nobody important really gives a shit. So let’s write about my best friends’ wedding.

Arin's Wedding 10th July 2011

Arin was my classmate in Form 1, 4 and 5 at MCKK. He is always seen as the guy who works behind the scene, appreciated but never got much credit. That makes him a humble person if not a great guy. Seriously, if you want things moving, work with him. Less talk, more work.

Arin's Wedding 10th July 2011

The wedding was held at Dewan Ibu Kota near Danau Kota, very close to the driving range I quite frequent, the place was beautifully decorated with the best linens for weddings. Fully air-conditioned, so no smokers nearby. Which is good, because I have this massive head ache and sore throat. I began hating smoking. It makes me feel like vomiting.

Arin's Wedding 10th July 2011

The early birds. Sedikit promo: the guy second from left and most right guy is looking. These two are quite successful in their own field. You want their contact? Gimme commission ok? (Don’t blame me, everything today needs commission.)

Arin's Wedding 10th July 2011

I love the simplicity of their alters. There’s even a lamp and a photo frame on the table! It seriously looked cool. Sorry Arin, I’ll copy this style.

So to my man Arin, have a wonderful life and good luck in your future. Godspeed.

ps: Lucky they were wearing yellow on 10th July, had it been on 9th, the police would probably rip them off to bare ass 😛


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  1. tengok pelamin noh dgn mizz nina tak? lg minimalist. suka! ngee…

  2. hahah tu mmg kelaka.i hope bythe time i wear yellow songket nt isu bersih dh lah wedding dia,simple n nice.

    wow.kau dh nk quit smoking?tepuk tgn.aku dgn KR mmg pening bau asap rokok.haha

  3. Ye, pelamin nya memang sangat simple, and yet nice, really nice.

    Arin. I thought he was a girl. A girl in MCKK?

  4. baguslaa tak cover pasal bersih… bosan daa, cam xde makna.. 😀

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