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Are You Into Classical?


taken using SE W800 😉

I don’t know about you, but I like classical music. My obsession for music started in Primary School with the likes of KRU, 4u2c and AlleyCats. Pop, Thrash & Grunge era in Secondary School and EMO throughout my higher education days. Emo is still good, but I no longer need to feel infuriated. Classic suits me better now. WTF right?

I was driving with my deary “ehem” friend, she asked me, “why do you listen to rubbish music?”. She was referring to Pachebel – Canon in D playing in the car. I was intimidated by her comment but I kept cool. “Ok, let’s listen to Light&Easy”. “Euuww, I never knew you were gay,” she said. I switched to FlyFM and she agreed. Then she started talking about her day and the boys who were mesmerized by her presence. I did feel a little annoyed but managed to contained the overwhelmed jealousy by playing mozarts’, shuberts’ and shumanns’ song in my head.

She kept talking and talking (you know how girls are) and I just nodded each time she wants me to agree on something. Until she caught me, “what’s with the hand?”. My arm was out weaving as if conducting a concert, yeah, Maestro Eddie. Sh*t! She noticed I wasn’t really listening, I have to come up with something. “eerrr… I’m drawing your face..” … “Aaaahhh, so sweet”, she said. Phewwww… close call, otherwise it’d be another pujuk hour.

Anyhow, I’ve convinced her that classical music isn’t rubbish. I transferred most of my collection to her iPod Nano. And now she’s asking me to help get the music out of her head.

Here’s 3 music by Pachebel – Canon in D. Let me know which one you like 😉

[audio:dansindel.mp3]Dan Sindels’ Version
[audio:mozart.mp3]Mozarts’ Version
[audio:jerryc.mp3]JerryCs’ Version, famous on YouTube.

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14 replies on “Are You Into Classical?”

Aha.Seems u r really into classic.I think at my age,I still always listen to emo again.Mayb i can try classic after this.As long the melody is okay to my ear,then it’s okay.Keep on ur ‘into classic’ thing dude.Not many are really into it.

as a pianist i can’t help but like classical music.. i think u should try chopin too.. he’s one real emo, wrote music all his life dedicating to a woman he could never have. more like classical romantic genre. i can only play one of his songs.. lagu2 dia grade tinggi sgt tak mampu..

if you like choppy stuffs, then beethoven will do.. his baroque music is quite interesting.. but moonlight sonata (me being melancholic sometimes) is still my favourite..

pacabel and all is more like romantic genre than real classical.. maybe you should try looking for the same genre if you like him. mandelsohn and all the same.. i can go on and on abt these dead people, can’t i?

chopin etude among my fav. pachebel ni baru sipi2 classical. ramai lg dead people yg best2. cume setahu aku je, pachebel ni je yg ade score utk gitar. piano mmg aku tak reti main la.

nak cari mp3 dorg ni bukan senang. slalu org tak record live concert, kalau record pon bunyi cam hape je.

“why do you listen to rubbish music?” <– as a pianist..all i can say is that its a total absurd..classical music is sooo not rubbish 😛

loves Pachebel Canon in D..but Mozart has always been my personal fav..Bach is nice too ^^

try tengok drama jepun ‘nodame contabile’…
related to these classical sutffs..

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