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Anwar Tale: Quoting from Wikileaks?

I was having dinner with my family and overheard TV3 mentioning Anwar. I took a peek and heard Anwar was on Wikileaks. The first thing that popped out of my mind was, why the hell would a professional journalism quote from word of mouth? What more from Wikileaks, where anyone and everyone can post and say anything. That’s just idiotic. I’m not watching Perez Hilton ok!

Anwar Tale: Quoting from Wikileaks? 1

Even at academic level, no one is allowed to quote from Wikipedia though it’s a lot more comprehensive than any encyclopedia. Now professional journalism succumbed to this? You gotta be shiting me.

Anyway, curious as a cat, I went to investigate the truth behind this. And since I can’t use the website, (I have no idea how to navigate around) I downloaded the whole Wikileaks archive to search for Anwar or Malaysia. Guess what? Nada! None! Kosong! There’s no such entry. (I could be wrong)

Anyway, here’s a list of links you can visit (all say the same thing). But if it’s true, then it’s really apparent what our neighbouring country tie is worth.

  1. Temasek Review
  2. Sydney Morning Herald
  3. the Age (Australia)
  4. the Malaysian Insider
  5. Jakarta Globe
  6. Malay Mail
  7. The Star

My Comment: Anwar’s case is ongoing. That’s enough to prove him right or wrong for now. In the after life, let God decide.

ps: Disgusted with mainstream media.

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18 replies on “Anwar Tale: Quoting from Wikileaks?”

Bro, wikileaks bukan lg pkai mediawiki, yg semua user lain boleh submit dan edit suka hati…maklumat jd x valid…

wikileaks bukan sama mcm wikipedia

Yang pasti, dokumen psl anwar tu ada sekali dalam 250k US cables embassy leaked, ada kat

Ada masa, baca la kat Majalah9 🙂

aku tak rasa sunday herald berani main tibai aje ambik source dari wikileaks. dah plak tu wikileaks bukan bleh main edit edit, depa sendiri hijack maklumat dari US state deparment cable.

source dia mudah aje, singapore intel dengan australian intel dok exchange views berkaitan anwar, dan depa percaya anwar peliwat base on their technical assesment.

why would someone made up thousands of documents then, but the again, dont trust the internet fully unless u know its true. 🙂

Hmm you have a point. But I am not implying the fact that someone from Wikileaks, instead someone else? His nemesis or some goons?

I don’t really trust the Net, it’s not the real truth, hence why professional journalism shouldn’t quote from WikiLeaks

Technical assessment does not reveal anything much, just speculations. Closely resembles word of mouth, don’t you think?

Sunday Herald tak tau la die tibai ke tak. Tapi aku dah puas pusing2 satu wikileaks. Tade satu pon tulis Anwar. Agaknye search capability aku kureng kot?

In other view, why would Singapore intel snoop around our country? Just to be ready when Anwar steps up? It only makes me think less of Singapore, macam sibuk dok jage tepi kain orang.

ntah la. aku pon cari dalam wikileaks takde pon satu pasal anwar. but if u try to find other stuff regarding what singapore intel/australia intel says about malaysia being incompetent or india/japan is ‘stupid’, or even dr mahathir been throwing stones at badawi pon aku tak jumpa kat wikileaks.

anyway try to google ‘anwar wikileaks’ and u can find all sorts of quotes from various internet newspapers/blogs. now kalau benda ni datang from 1 source i.e utusan or tv3 memang aku tak ambek pusing pon. but if its from hundreds of website or from the so called free foreign press dok scoop pasal anwar and wikileaks, i think it is not something that we can totally dismiss.

regarding sing dok snooping around other countries ni sebok sebok, actually, its not singapore aje. all countries dok buat kerja espionage ni, especially US. aku pon hantar spy kat other nations when i played the game ‘civilization’. but then again we dont have to worry about singapore snooping around us cause kalau singapore succesfully steals secret information from us or tapping our line pon, they will only manage to secure ‘garbage’ intel which our SB ‘deliberately’ plant. kan?


Akhirnya saya dpt buat kesimpulan tentang pendedahan Wikileaks tu.

”Menurut laporan The Sun-Herald maklumat dari komunikasi sulit yang dipercayai dipintas oleh Jabatan Negara Amerika Syarikat ialah Kuan Yew dan pegawai risikan Singapura memberitahu agensi risikian Australia bahawa Anwar terlibat dalam perbuatan yang dikenakan tuduhan semasa bertukar pandangan mengenai kes itu.”

Kuan Yew berpendapat seperti itu mungkin kerana info intel Singapore. Intel Singapore pula dpt maklumat melalui “risikanl teknikal”.

Apa yg di maksudkan dgn “risikan teknikal” tu ? Bagaimana cara “risikan teknikal” tersebut di buat ? Kita semua tak tau. Hanya boleh buat andaian sahaja.

Andaian tak boleh di jadikan hujah bahawa seseorang itu sememangnya meliwat.

Kalau andaian berdasarkan “risikan teknikal” itu dijadikan hujah,
jika pendapat Kuan Yew berdasarkan intel dia di jadikan hujah, maka kita perlu terima hujah George Bush bahawa US Intel mendapati WTC tu di bom oleh Al-Qaeda.

Kalau takat “risikan teknikal” atau hujah Kuan Yew yg bukan Islam tu kita terima, mintak maaf lah maknanya setiap kata mana2 perisik mana2 negara tu “tepat” hatta perisik Mossad sekali pun.

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