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It’s a typical Monday morning, I went for breakfast after struggling for hours on the bed trying to get some shut eye.

As I approached the nasi lemak stall, “eh dik, tingkap tak tutup?” a makcik out of no where reminded me. Thank you, but no thank you. As long as my car is within sight, I’d rather leave the window open. Lets bad fume out, morning breeze in.

“Tak takut ke orang curi kerete?” she blurted.

“Itulah guna insurans.” I replied.

“American sungguh kamu ni”.

Deep within my sub concious mind I replied, “tengok name laa makcik!”

ps: I never leave my cars unlock. Plus, there’s nothing in the car.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

9 replies on “Americanized”

I never leave my car unlocked. Dalam movie mat saleh, selambe je tinggal kereta siap dengan kunci kat atas visor. Cabriolet pon selamba2 je tinggal. Memang Amerika sungguh. Tapi kalau buat kat sini, aku berani jamin, sooner or later mesti lesap punya kereta.

Memang la ada insurans, but the process tu…haih…baik kunci kereta, tutup tingkap rapat2….

bab nama tu, memang nama kau Amerika la, walaupun berasal dari Edward which somehow sounds more like English.

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