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All-American Rejects in Malaysia!

The band will be performing at MTV World Stage (I don’t know what’s that, but I look forward to go!)


AAR and I, go way back to 2003. Back to the days of MD was still hip (before iPod and mp3 players). I’d listen to them everywhere. While cycling to uni, taking the bus to town, waiting for others to arrive, in the library and sometimes during lecture theaters (I did get caught and my MD was confiscated for a week!).

Long road trips are boring, what more tuned into the dad’s preferable radio station. Thanks to MP3, I have them in my pocket. Helps me keep my toes on the road, while tapping the steering echoing the drums.

AAR is my daily dose of ecstasy. I memorize AAR’s every note and every breath he took as he sang the song. To some extent, I even pushed their songs down my friend’s throat or secretly upload onto their USB drives πŸ˜›

I am not much of concert groupie. It’s loud, poor sound setup, crowded, no parking and the most disgusting of all, the smelly sweat as you graze your skin with a complete stranger jumping up and down. Euwww, gross!

But if there’s an exception, it’s All-American Rejects.

So now they’re coming to town. I am certainly not going to miss this priceless oppurtunity! Now, help me win the tickets at MTV’s official World Stage site.

ps: I sound like a groupie. OMG!

Twitter Status: help me win passes to see the All American Rejects, PLEASSEEEE. I’ll even sleep with you for the ticket. (yes, I am that desperate!)

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22 replies on “All-American Rejects in Malaysia!”

Dude, you just made my chances of winning the tickets SLIMMER by posting this up here! Haha.

P/S: No, I’m not gonna share my tickets with you! ;p

AAR is not punk rock. It’s modern rock I believe. Green Day for me, good up to “Dookie” beyond that, they’ve matured out of their music. But still remained as my favorite 3 piece band.

That’s very thoughtful of you. Sadly, I just realized the world stage falls on the very day that I’ll be arriving late from Beijing. So, even if I’ve won the tickets, I’m not sure if I could be there on time. Sigh… πŸ˜₯

So, who wants my ticket?? (as if I’ve won ’em) πŸ˜›

EDDIE! jeles gile kot. *long pout and stomps feet around* I WANT DC HERE NOW!

Hehehehe, anyway, good luck and hope you win the tix!!! I can definitely relate to the feeling of watching your fave band live!!! I felt it when I went to a Moffatts gig in 1999!!

wow that fabulous abs of tyson is so distracting.

sorry eddie. i’m in awe. i couldn’t even read the entire post. oh look at the abs…

ahaha kidding. good luck πŸ˜‰

Sucks to know that the tickets are not for sale :/ and lucky draw… one surely needs more luck than anyone to get it. Aieee, and I’m equally desperate to get the tickets but knowing that I’m not the usually lucky guy, I gave up. Now you’ve got a slightly higher chance of getting the tickets, heheh!

A primary school ex-classmate of mine told me the other day that his college was one of the selected few that has exclusive passes (front row seat summore, omgwtfbbq). And here comes the effing bomb – he told me he has got his hands on it *screams and pulls hair*

Good luck! I’m giving you my luck to win the ticket, NH πŸ‘Ώ

Yeah, that’s the sad part. The tix are not for sale.

Strangely enough, AAR did not put Malaysia as part of their tour. I think they’ll be performing 2-3 songs.

Your friends are super lucky! Do me a favor, smack them and steal those tickets for me πŸ˜›

You can just try to submit, if you win, you could put them up in Ebay, better yet, use them I-O-U credits. (Ideally, take a girl to the concert, she’d be head over heals for you, provided she’s an AAR groupie)

He plays paintball! If you can beat him in a paintball match maybe you can get the tickets. Or you can just give him a brutal rugby tackle and wrestle that tickets outta his hands πŸ˜€ He told me he’s busy avoiding everyone because since he tweeted that he got the tickets, his phone has been ringing non-stop. Ooooooof πŸ˜•

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