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Aliya Zafira, Congratulation Zack

[audio:cant_take_my_eyes.mp3]I don’t have enough time to prepare any artwork prior to this post.Congratulation ZACK on the newborn baby. The new born girl was named Aliya Zafira borned 8:45 am, 6th December 07. And like he wanted, “made in germany”. I’m glad the “C section” went well for your wife. Amin.We have 2 nieces now, we need a nephew plak!

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23 replies on “Aliya Zafira, Congratulation Zack”

tidak!!! aku rase tue! thanks anyway. this the second baby for the batch. she will be highlighted as “Baby Batch” for being borned close to the batchs’ bday and sharing the same bday date with Izrin. cool eh?

i was asked to leave comment at dis blog, but seriously xtau nak comment ape…..but frankly, ur blog’s cool eddie! ;D

mane ade hensem je ko ni. cume kalau kuar2 sebijik mcm ko, terkezut sume. org cakap anak ko “macho” instead of saying “cute”. ko paham? tak? aku pon.. huahuahua

gile aah..zack is now officially a daddy. that’s a hell of an achievement. eddie..ape yg kita dah achieve ni??! sebak la pulak aku nengok niece aku nih..

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