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Ajax ShoutBox For WordPress


So here’s my shot at ShoutBox for It’s in Alpha Stage. Hopefully I got enough time to complete before end of next month.

Wish me luck! of course, bookmark me!


Version 0.1x

  • AJAX, very fast reload (depending on server)
  • Can handle 100 user at 1 time (and above, Not enough bots)
  • CSS customisation
  • Lightweight (less than 3kb)
  • Uses text file to store data

Road Map

  • Make it compatible to WordPress
  • Allow options for custom styling
  • Allow URL to be posted
  • Use WordPress database (MySQL)
  • Admin can manage entries

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

29 replies on “Ajax ShoutBox For WordPress”

shoutbox tak sesenang yg dipikirkan. database die nak pakai ape? database sendiri? kene tapp pastu bukak field baru mase install.. mende tak sekacang yg disangkekan. harap paham. baru alpha stage tu. byk lg perjalanan.

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