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Air Suam Satu

Air Suam Satu 1

There is something magical about warm water.

First, it never arrives. Go to any dining place and order it. It’ll probably be last order to arrive on the table. It’s as if we were being punished for having bad taste in drinks. The process of boiling water and serving it is a very tedious if not perplexing task. It’s actually easier to make Caramel Macchiato than warm water.

Second, perceived as cheap. Every time you say the magic word, they’ll look deeply in your eyes, begging you to change your mind. I’m pretty dead sure  their commission for the night depends on what their customer ordered or maybe penalized by taking any orders of warm water.

Third, not served everywhere. I’ve been told off by many fast food franchise when I ordered warm water including KFC, McDonalds and Old Town (now they charge you for it). “I’m sorry sir, we only have mineral water.” Like hell I’m going to pay RM3 for a small bottle of mineral water.

I guess I have to live with this stupidity over an insipid drink, oh well..

ps: My batchmate got stabbed twice yesterday, he’s alive and kicking. It wasn’t a robbery, just some psychopath. Live well and prosper Amin!

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7 replies on “Air Suam Satu”

huhu, ade satu lagi.. kalo kat uitm dulu waktu buat persediaan.. kalo ko order air kosong, member2 cakap, “saving duit”,”kedekut” bla3… padahalnye aku memang tak suka minum air manis sbb tak hilang dahaga.. huhu, preference kepada air suam nie sangat dipandang pelik kekadang.. haha

eh. dah lain pulak comment box ni. I’m a big fan of air suam as well. kenapalah kedai fastfood pun taknak serve air suam.. bukan susah pun nak serve..

oh the submit box is somewhat hidden..

and the fact is in the states, water is the most common drink ever. almost everyone will order water for lunch or even dinner. and they even ask you if you want lemon with that. and they charge you nothing for it . *sigh* so much for Malaysian mentality.

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