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AinWahid Tagged Me..

Grr. It’s been a while since I was tagged or maybe I just didn’t notice. Serves you for not linking. From AinulWahid

In this tag, I’m supposed to write 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about myself. It’s kind of like boasting on permitted channel. Here goes.

  1. Lotion. I’m addicted to lotions. Especially after shower.
  2. Pain. I was addicted to pain. The cut inside was so deep, a physical injury was needed to reflect the pain. Of course I’m not stupid enough to cut myself. And it made me immortal on the rugby field.
  3. Hum. I hum myself to sleep. It may sound sad, but it does help truncating my train of thoughts.
  4. Sleep. My sleep cycle is F’ed up. Sometimes 3 hours, sometimes 12. Mind over matters, just like little Napoleon.
  5. Health. I no longer jog outside, but indoors. Not on a treadmill, but on a machine. Well, the machine jogs for me.
  6. Doctors. I tell people I want to marry a doctor but when they introduce me one, I’ll shrink away. I have yet to conclude a reason why.
  7. Hope. No middle ground. I’m both optimistic and pessimistic, to great extreme.
  8. Laugh. I don’t laugh at people’s misfortune (slip and fell), but I’m usually laughed at.
  9. Door. I like holding the door for others. It’s empathy in disguise. I wish I could jam KLCC’s entrance.
  10. Agenda. I don’t care about the bigger agenda, it’s the little things that excites me.
  11. Mobility. Every time I’m out to buy a new mobile phone, I’ll stop myself because it’s still working.
  12. Exam. I don’t believe in exams. It proves nerdy more than intelligence.
  13. Hair. I cut my own hair. It just feels right (barber when I messed up.)
  14. Wax. I wax waist down every 4 months.
  15. Nudity. I’m an exhibitionist but I don’t walk naked in the house.

I’m supposed to tag others. The list as follows.

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I tell people I want to marry a doctor but when they introduce me one, I’ll shrink away <<– knape encik beloger takut dengan doktor? Doktor tak makan orang (^_^)v

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