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After ISA shopping, the Government Plans to Crack Downloaders.


After the government detained Hindaf leaders, BERSIH and BAR, they decided to take heat on citizen.

If you download material illegally from the Internet, be prepared to fork out a minimum fine of RM250,000. Veerasingam said that the maximum fine for downloading material illegally from the Internet was a whopping RM500,000.

Taken from TheStar. Shouldn’t they be focusing on other crimes e.g. rapist, smugglers, white-collar criminal etc. (not related to money)?

So tell me, how will you execute this task?

  • Monitor internet activity – you can be sued for privacy intrusion
  • Go to every house and check the PC – I burnt on DVD and hid them under the bed
  • Stop people carrying laptop bags – the police? Not all of them are IT literate.
  • Arrest Question random people on the streets – exactly how dangerous can a geek be?

Some part of the government struggle to push K-economy, but without these “benefits” how is this possible?  How can a normal person afford Adobe Photoshop (RM2999) or Microsoft Words (RM455)? And Datuk S. Veerasingam, can you confirm that your kids or families never get pirated copies?

In summary, we get penalized for being a cheap-stake-geek.

ps: I reckon it was just a statement to brush WIPO off our shoulders.

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7 replies on “After ISA shopping, the Government Plans to Crack Downloaders.”

the government is trying to control each citizen’s “freedom”.. recently, mppj requires all saloons operators to take down IC numbers of their customers.. hence, we now will know who had hair transplant and who doesn’t.. this is outrageous..

what next? registration for using public toilets?

aku rasa diorang sakit ati tengok budak2 ni boleh download stuff from the net. diorang nak buat, tak reti. nak mintak tolong orang lain, malu. las2 buat isu.

kalau diorang reti guna aku rasa diorang pun buat pejam mata jer…

tengoklah jenayah kolar putih, dah jelas pun buat pejam mata. tu sebab diorang pun terlibat jugak lah tu… hampeh!

eddie, cuba ko gi rumah Datuk S. Veerasingam tu, ko try jual pirated software kat anak2 dia… tengok banyak mana diorang beli… jual yang gempak2 arr, handset smuggle skali.. hahahaha!

p/s: cd blue jangan lupa hahaha!

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