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After 3 Weeks Holiday, I’m Back ?

Last I remembered working was on 13th September. It feels like forever since I last open my photoshop and dreamweaver. No lesser than my dust collecting lappie.

back to business

The first 2 weeks, I insisted on being disconnected. Although it is possible to connect via GPRS (to check on Anwar’s 16 Sept gimmick and stuff), I wanted to leave everything behind and focus on my vacation. (I rarely take some time off).

Then comes Eid Ul Fitr. Everyone was on festive mode, so no point on calling clients (except my ‘mat salleh’ clients). But I did spend at least a few days replying emails, 76 altogether.

Everyone is jumping back to work on Monday? Hope it’ll spring my regular hits.

I’ve loads to write, but I take it everyone wants to write raya experience and such, no point in writing a long-syok-sendiri post. So please, go ahead and read other’s clichรฉ ‘must-have-rendang’ post, drool on your keyboard and shove a mouthful of kueh raye. I won’t write about food.

Lemang, ketupat, kueh aside, welcome back to your sorry 9-to-5 ass job ๐Ÿ˜€

ps: NH will expire on 10/10/2008 (I think). Awaiting for Nuffnang to pay me to renew my hosting (it’s been 2 months already). Any sponsors? ๐Ÿ™„

pss: NH will expire on 27/11/2008. *knocks his head with a sledge hammer*

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