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Advice from the Managing Director

The most anticipated meeting of the week is the dialog session with the MD. This is where we present our case and determine whether it’s worthwhile pursuing the opportunities we are on. He shared an interesting relational thought.

He asked us around, who are you closest to? In my heart, it will always be my mother. Anyway, the answer doesn’t really matter as long they are dear to you. He elaborated, that the lowest relationship anyone can ever have with another person is just a teh-tarik session. Where you enjoy companies of other. Despite hang out buddies, these people doesn’t really care about you, maybe a bit, but not as good as someone who is dear to you.

He shared his story of his love-hate relationship with his father. His dad was always harsh on him. Everything he did, his father would criticize. If he did bad, he’ll bear punishments. If he doesn’t do anything, he’ll be criticized. Even if he succeed, he’d still criticized. I could really relate to that very well.

“Never in my life, my dad ever praised me.” he added.

He asked, “why do we continually want to impress people like this?”

Everybody was stunned. If a pin dropped in that instance, it will echo the entire room. The tension grew, we looked at each other’s face as if answers were written on them. It was very clear, I had no clear reason why I want to impress people continually pours scorn on me.

Since no one raised an answer, he continued, it’s because we subconsciously care what people closest to us feel. He added, the only people who has the best interest in your future are you parents (and those who are dear to you). Imagine if you have a relationship like this with your customer, surely they’d listen to you knowing that you have their backs covered.

If I’m leaving this company, this would be the thing I’d miss most, a friend, a brother, an MD who has the best interest in me.

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