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Adsense Taiko – Fradulence in Disguise


If you want a free copy of the ebook, browse down and click “download for free”.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought an ebook from After reading the “sales page”, I decided I should give it a try, after all, it’s written there I will get my full refund if I don’t like it.

Once I’ve made payment via Maybank2u, I sent them a screenshot of my purchase. It took them a day to process my order. I was ok with it. Once verified, they sent me an email with a link to download a total of 4 ebooks.

I read all of them. Basically, they wanted me to create as many blog using blogger and to also include Google Adsense in the blog. They also wanted me to create a crappy content so that it’ll be a one-time-visit and visitors will leave the blog by clicking the Adsense. The traffic will heavily rely on search engine and SEO.

I obviously do not like the idea of making fugly blogs, so I decided to ask for my refund. To put in short they were reluctant to give my money back. Ok, RM80 is not that much but since THEY HAVE PROMISED a full refund if I gave it a shot (which I did-la a little), I am at war with them.

Here’s the statement on the frontpage:

TRY IT OUT. All I ask is that you read the information in the book, claim your bonuses, set up your AdSense account and then give it a fair shot. If within the next 60 days, you can honestly say that you’re not satisfied with your results, simply email me for a refund on the spot. If it doesn’t work for you, I don’t want your money! It’s easy. Either it works for you or your money back! Again, all of the risk is on me. You will get the book and bonuses to keep. No hard feelings.

and the terms the have set (at the bottom of the page): will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase. After 60 days all sales are final. All requests for refunds must be substantiated with evidence that the product provided was defective and/or the customer was unable to use it effectively. All requests shall be made in writing via snail mail together with all evidences to the above reason to our mailing address as stated on the website. reserves the right at its own discretion to refuse any refunds requests for any reason whatsoever including but not limited to refusals to accept our advice on how best to use our book. In the event of any refunds, we reserve the right to deduct any costs related to processing of the refunds request up to a maximum of RM50 only.

Since they are full of horse shit, you can download the crappy book below.

Download the Ebook For FREE! Adsense Taiko Free Download

Note to Adsense Taiko: Here’s, my counter attack. Enjoy it, you maggot!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

99 replies on “Adsense Taiko – Fradulence in Disguise”

Actually right.. maybe it is his idea to make a scene out of it. First he sells the ebook and get money. Den when he refuses to give back the money, people got mad. den when people got mad people blog about his blog and include his address. den people oso wanna see which maggot is this and go click the link to his site. and according to his theory, people click his adsense to run away from his blog. Lol!!!!

peanut’s last blog post..Burning brain

Aku beli ebook Adsense dengan syarikat India cuma dalam lingkungan RM16 sahaja mengggunakan Paypal via kad kredit.

Nampaknya dia kena tipu di Malaysia. Kat Malaysia ni banyak perkara challenging selalunya conster atau kaki tipu.

Actually if you want to make our friend life difficult very simple. Everytime you see his ad, click on it. Click multiple times, everyday… make it a habit. Two things will happen :

– he will be charged (he is using Adwords to drive traffic) for every click.

– a lot of clicks but not ending in sale will alert Adwords who will review his Ad or site and possibly enforce their Landing Page Quality Score requirements on him. This should drive up his minimum bid.

Hello there,

I’m a total hater to scammers. I just wanted to write a new post today about scammer internet marketer, so ‘walk’ around with google, i caught your blog.

This guy(adsense taiko) are totally total greedy so call internet marketer. What a crap trying to sell it for $25 bucks, I rather buy McDonald for one week. Haha.

Well, i also caught a so call Adsense Guru who call himself Samar Eldin from He admit himself he got $52k from adsense but i.m from DP forum caught him cheating. Hah, what a scam.

Anyway, to scammer, back off and whatever it is, I love your post. Thank a lot for the content. It will help me with my new post later. Thanks.

-I Hate Scams-
-I post the same comment at HongKiatDotCom, sori, malas nak tulis lagi. SO, copy and paste.hehe… 😆

:down: Cuba fikir secara logik, jika benar seperti apa yang dikatakan dalam e-book “mangkuk hayun” tu, buat apalah lagi dia nak susah payah jual e-book, …semua auta daa…
meh ramai2 masuk web aku…support sikit..

Ohh..betul tu..mmg hampeh btul info dier..
benda nih sama lah dgn Google Manipulator yang dok jual tak lama dulu…tapi org putih…
content hampir sejibik…
silap2 tokeinya pun org sama…


you fucking clown. I have kept in constant contact with you. And have not ducked or dodged you in any fashion. Nor refused you any payment or repayment. You failed to acknowledge that you changed the project several times. And never once providing me the info to do a very good job. But even with that said I am not bashing you and I did say you will receive your money back. But for you to come to some obscure corner of the internet and try to rant is very foul. I see you online everyday. There is nothing wrong with pinging me or emailing me.

I am all in favor of B2B relations so sharing your experience is what I come to expect so I am not razzing you for that. But just tell the entire story. And please tell the entire truth.

And to top it off that is not my name….lol

I didnt see the reply button. See my reply a few replies down. Some people just love to sensationalize things. Be tried and true with your accusations Kaz. The internet is not as big as you think.

It looks like the adsensetaiko website has been closed down.
One wonders whether the taiko really used the techniques to make tonnes of money.
As always the adsense ebook writers don’t usually make money with adsense but by selling ebooks on adsense.

I think many people who are knowledgeable in generating wealth, but fail to do so after trying hard will resort to something common which they think is the next best thing to do. That is to earn money by teaching others to become rich. They may write books, holding seminars, etc on how to get rich. Noktah, do u or anyone agree?

Worst, some setup scams. Worst still, some sell their scams by disguising themselves as scam busters or speaking against scams.

As one of the commentors here said early, most of the so-called guru selling books on how to earn from adsense earn from the books they are selling and not adsense itself. Ironic?. Totally.,,

Its been since January 2008, no payment still, every reply I receive is a an excuse. When people continue to make an excuse and avoid a payment they are hypocrites. Theifs and Compulsive Liars. DDD or Nathan whatever your name is, its very “antishallow” and deep of you to avoid a payment. January to September, even someone living in Chad would have paid me back thrice the amount!

Well admin, thanks for that “free gift”..i am really appreciate it. actually, over past a year I really confuse “ayat-jiwang-karat” from this creepy! – too many tricky words (just put one) like “quadruple your income in as little as 7 days”..hohoho..quaduple tu brother…

Yup Smartzul – saya mengiyakan kata2 anda..bahkan dalam review saya telah saya review kedua-dua ebook tersebut. Jana-wang-adsense memang mahal, tapi berbaloi, saya polo tektik dia, memang naik income adsense saya 🙂

Thanks for the free gift haha, but it’s shit anyway!
I’ve bought Jason Tan’s OnlyInMalaysiaMah and became another victim of him. This book is so sucks and you could easily get this book for FREE from other respectful internet marketing genius around the world.

He might be rich, but he is not willing to teach others how to be rich. So girls out there stop showing your watery fucking pussy to him or you are just an idiots.

do you really need an ebook to teach you how to earn from AdSense?

Guys, the info is out and free in Google

sekurang kurang kekawan dapat la “horse shit” secara percuma.

terima kasih untuk free download

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