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Add Negaraku on FeedBurner

I should’ve brought this over to SembangKomputer, it’s definitely for geeks. Anyhow, you can choose to skip if you think you’ll get infected by my geeky-ness.

You know when someone subscribes to your Feed (or RSS) using FeedBurner, you can have links at the bottom. Something like the image below. That’s called FeedFlare.

FeedBurner Link

Ok, so how you add that? Follow the basic steps below.

1. Go to FeedBurner, login or register.
2. Go to your desired feed. If you don’t have one, create one for your blog.
3. Choose Optimize > FeedFlare and scroll down.

Key In URL

4. Insert and submit.

Now your subscribers can ‘Fave It‘ using GoogleReader, FeedDemon or any RSS reader. Cool? I know I am   ➡

You’re probably wondering what sort of wonders can it do for your blog. Well, if you’re traffic hungry, or trying to squeeze money from your blog, then FeedBurner + FeedFlare is a must have.

  • Allow users to directly comment on your blog
  • Vote for your posting without visiting Social Bookmarking sites
  • Send your post as an email to friends
  • Bring more traffic
  • … that’s about it I guess.

ps: Good luck!

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