Serious Matters

The Accidental Hero

I was supposed to be attending my friends wedding at Sg Siput. Unfortunately, my hospitalized grandma comes first in this horse race.

I drove down to Batu Pahat along with emok and Azmi. The house was lively like Hari Raya. Grandma is fine. The hospital discharged her yesterday and warned about her alarming cholesterol level. Not an easy task for someone who doesn’t like eating from others’ wok.

MyVi Frontal Tyre

On the way back, we witnessed a horrid accident, involving MyVi and Saga. One ended in the ditch, the other toppled in the middle of the road. I parked the car and ran towards the incident.

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From a far, I saw villagers helping victims out of the car. I queried about the car in the ditch. Apparently, no one was lending them a hand.

Azmi and me ran to the ditch and saw a family panicked, knocking on their window screaming for help. I quickly jumped on the side of the car, examining the quickest and safest way out. The husband insist I break the class. I tried, but ended up wounding myself.

*flick flock, flick flock* The sound of malfunction centralized lock.

I pulled the door lever as hard as I could. God willed, the door opened vertically. I helped the family out, all three of them. The wife and toddler was crying endlessly while the husband remained composed. The wife after examining the scene immediately called an OUI lawyer Massachusetts as it seemed as though the person in the other car was under the influence of something.

Standing position

Now the crowd starts to gather, it’s hard to perform simple medical check-up. They were asking questions about the accidents, telling me to do this, that, someone called people from Cohen Law of Orlando. Most importantly they were circling us like we’re some freak show.

Thankfully, the crowd abide to my demand for ample breathing space and getting additional help. I also told them to refrain from asking victims for flashback. Check out  the legal practice areas of Miami auto accident law firms which can help you approach their lawyers at the time of an accident.

Another angle

A few minutes later, we embarked on our journey back to our busy lives. When we finally arrived home I scared my mother. What happened to you?  Did you get hit by a car? Are you an injured pedestrian? I wounded myself when I tried to help people out of the car. It took me a while to explain everything and calm my mother down.

I’m sure if you were in this position, you would’ve done the same thing, maybe better.

ps: Sleep deprived! Help me~    ➡

pss: It felt really good, saving 3 lives   👿

psss: Congratulations to Fidzamil Basarudin and Wan Kamarul “Toyon” Ariffin. My turn? Tunggu/Cari doc.

pssss: Be safe on the road. The road is not your playground.

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53 replies on “The Accidental Hero”

Accidental hero… not likely.. like you said, there were many ‘flies’ around busy watching but not helping.

Proud of you bro! You didn’t break the glass and injured yourself no? Hopefully it’s not too bad eh.. Glad the family is safe.

Becareful on the road, yeah!

alhamdulillah semua selamat. nasib baik ada orang macam kau yang membantu. yelah kita boleh tgk apabila berlaku kemalangan, ramai orang yang menyaksikan. yang hairan tidak ramai membantu!!??

dalam dunia realiti, aku anggap kau mmg seorang hero! syabas!

congrats to fidz and toyon too…congrats for saving others too…aku tak panik la kot kalau jumpa eksiden camtuh tp kalau nak tolong better than ko…most likely wouldn’t happen la…tak tahu CPR….muahhahaha

eddie…accident ni berlaku di mane???aku pon last weekend balik batu pahat…btw,gud 4 u 4 being a hero….aku rase scene accident tu mcm kat any part of johor….just by looking at the parit….maklumlah,johor kan banyak ‘parit’…

:up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:

one words “THANKS”!!

anda mmg hero dlm dunia nyata!. telah terbukti anda bukan kaki tgk saja!

aku sgt takut tgk eksiden

kalu aku tgh drive, aku mesti takut nk tgk tepi2 kat kwsn org berkumpul nk tgk eksiden.

This is a prove that Noktah Hitam isn’t as wicked as he claimed.

ps: I felt really good… Malaysia still full of people who cares about others.

pss: Who actually the hero? NH, Eddie or Edwin?

i rase, keadaan jln pn ade gak menyumbang kpd accident tu.
u msti perasan, jln kg kecik kan?
pastu tepi2 die terus dh ade parit.
klu drive xhati2, sure terhumban!

i cemas je klu my dad drive lalu jalan2 kg.
sbb tepi die ade parit.
lg2 klu ade kete dr arah bertentangan.

btw, that was very nice of you.
2 thumbs up!


Kudos to you for doing the right thing! It feels wrong that nobody was helping the family who was trapped in the car lying by it’s side. I don’t know what happened exactly but if they are people attending to the victims in the other vehicle, why was the victims in the other car neglected? If I were you, I would have been miffed that the crowd only gathered and didn’t bother to help – it’s just so Malaysia. Back then when I was in primary school a massive traffic jam on Federal Highway means there’s a minor accident down the highway and it might be even in the opposite direction – curious drivers were unwilling to speed up since they’ve paid the price of ‘waiting in line’ to get to see what actually happened. Haha.

I salute you for your bravery and help. Not everyone will actually do what you’ve done 😉 oh and anyway, I hope your hand is okay! Ouchie!

Not all people are bold enough to start giving help. Most of us usually waiting others to start it first before being followed. Talk is easy, but not the actions. Especially “our people”.

Congratulations eddie! :up: :up: :up:

😀 itu beza super hero America ngan super hero Melayu. Niat sama perlaksanaan berbeza, maklumlah Melayu kan lebih sopan and cares. Aku nak masukkan NH dalam list terbaru Marvel super hero ahak..

ps: U one good jolly fellow and may Allah bless U.
pss: aku kadang2 nampak accident pun blah, takut darah beb.. 😛

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