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Hi, I am Edwin. NoktahHitam is my alter ego. I am a business owner at Laman7, serial entrepreneur, a husband and a father.

We all have something to say, but to whom that matters? For me, the best audience is the next generation and our future self. So I write to remind myself, how I was like, the experience I went through, the failures that I faced, the little things that I tried, likes or dislikes. I hope this blog lives long enough for my future generation. InsyaAllah.

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Err.?? If I write about my life and how I feel, why should anyone correct me? Do people feel the way I feel? Does it involve ilmu? No! An honest opinion is an honest opinion, no righteous person should correct that.

And I am not being so bloody ignorant nor arrogant.

Bila kita encounter a situation or life, secara logik ada sebab dan musabbabnya. Cause and Effect. Tindakan perlukan ilmu/knowledge. Kalau tidak, kita seperti anak2 kecil yg tindakannya tidak berasaskan ilmu dan pengetahuan. To separate yourself from ilmu at any one time, that’s bloody ignorant and arrogant.

Nabi Musa pernah encounter Nabi Khidir. He made mistakes and later admit it.

Maha Kaya Allah, when you wrote that statement, you made grammatical errors and your statement has been dashed out when you corrected it. HE wanted, wants and wanting to tell you something. Why you made the correction since you “refrain from being corrected, no matter what the circumstances are’?

At the first place, it did not bother me to comment. Yet, due to the fact that I pity someone yg tersalah jalan, it is my duty to correct your stand.

Lain orang cakap, lain pulak yang dibahaskan. I was referring to feelings and the past. Kalau dah marah, marah lah, mane ade marah suam-suam kuku? Kalau sedih, sedih la, mane ade sedih main-main. That is what I meant by “refrain from being corrected, no matter what the circumstances are”.

Most of the time, I whine. I’m not trying to find a solution to a problem. In other ways, I am telling a story of something that already happened.

Thanks for the brotherly advise. I am not trying to be hard headed here. Perhaps you haven’t been following me and I personally think you got me all wrong. Nontheless, thanks!

ah, love the logo and pics. uve outdid urself as usual. about abang ustaz atas tu, i think u should understand the context of NH’s statement before shooting blindly.

bak kata orang, tanye dulu kan? personally, I know NH the writer, he is not THAT headstrong if the flow of argument makes sense to this fella.

Then again, sometimes, it’s a matter how u argue your points anyway. 🙂

Pot calling the kettle black. Dia sendiri grammar bersepah, nak kata orang.

Your holier than thou act is absofuckinglutely annoying.

My company will be in-charge in a blogging contest later on. So I would like to ask for your email so that I can contact you via email. I’ll not enclose the email to any other third party, except with your permission. Thank you.

hye.. i`m currently studying medicine.. got plenty young doctor (insyaAllah, soon-will-be)
over here.. kikii.. neway, nice bLog~!

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hi there, i’m a doctor (but not single lah) and it is interesting that u actually want to marry a doctor given how intimidated some men can be when hearing that word.. u can be rest assured there are loads of single beautiful doctors lingering in hospitals even when they become specialists. u’r 25.. u’r still young. maybe u can target medical students too 🙂

I’m actually 26 (recently).

Intimidated? That has lots to do with their ego. I have plenty of female doc friends (most are married), they are gentle and intelligent. If there’s any household decision, I believe I have the upper hand knowing my better half is bright.

Why don’t you do me a favor then, refer them to me. I’ll buy you sushi~ 😀

How shallow. Female doctors are the only smart females around? (I have met some seriously dumb female doctors by the way).

As far as I am concerned, any job can be an act of ‘humanitarian’ as long as the duty is to serve the people (and orang itu ikhlas melakukannya). Being a doctor is NOT the only way of being a humanitarian. This is the problem with Malaysians, putting doctors so up the pedestal and ignoring other professions which in essence, are equally or more noble.

No offense to you tuan rumah. Good luck in finding your dream wife.

saya jumpa blog ini sewaktu mengoogle sesuatu.
kemudian lama pula lekat..membaca entri2 saudara..seronok. selepas itu, barulah saya ke page about ini. agak terkejut dan kagum dengan statement ‘i want to marry a doctor’ itu..jarang dengar orang lelaki mahu beristerikan doktor. disebabkan itu saya rasa ingin menurunkan komen di sini.

saya seorang bakal doktor insya-Allah. tapi saya boleh dikatakan student medic yg agak bermasalah dlm study. sudah 2 kali saya mengulang tahun hingga dah ditarik scholarship baru2 ni dan perlu bayar semula kesemuanya kpd penaja. sebuah tamparan yg hebat, tp saya tetap tekad dan bersungguh utk terus belajar. sekarang ni lagi 5 tahun utk saya tamatkan pengajian. agak mencabar jiwa sayalah sebenarnya utk terus berjuang menjadi doktor ni. dan bergelar doktor pula nanti, bukanlah sesuatu yg mudah..

maaf saya bercerita panjang.

apapun, mulai tulisan saudara saya lihat saudara seorang ada berpendirian dan sukakan cabaran. alhamdulillah, sedikit sebanyak saya dapat sesuatu yg menyumbang kpd kehidupan medical student especially.

semoga urusan hidup saudara dipermudahkan Allah dunia akhirat 🙂

oh, ada jugak orang yang lebih teruk dr my condition.. saye sgt down sbb terpaksa mengulang satu paper di saat teman-teman dah mendaki tangga dewan konvokesyen tu. dan i was thinking to cut myself once.., alhamdulillah iman masih kuat walau tinggal senipis habuk.

btw, salaam aleykum kpd NH.

terribly nice blog. entah mcm mana terjumpa bila tengah sibuk nak check out borang upu intake. google really drives me gila sometimes (or i was the one salah taip?) pfft!

so NH, i bet you are financially stable in that age, i bet? semoga berjodoh dgn Cik D.R someday, insya-Allah.

Bro, Salams. didnt mean to intrude nor trying to but I’m a bit concern regarding your choice of themes and a mascot for your blog. I’m sure it was unintentional and might be cool from a designer’s perspectives, but I couldnt help but to feel that, the moves to employs satanic figures as your mascot is contradicting with Islamic’s teaching and would be seen as an “worshiping” act.

Please don’t get mad at me . I did this because it is our obligation to advice and be adviced (nasihat dan menasihati) 🙂

jazakallah bikhair

salam saudara…sauamir dari KB…tak salah kan kita berkenalan…tolong balas e mail saya

Napelah semua org suka sgt nak kawin doktor? Awat takde yg nak kawin graphic designer ker, visual merchandiser ke, tukang salin minit miting ke.. haha..

Anyway, nice page bro.. cantek susun aturnya dan lenggok bahasanya.. Bravo!! *clap!*clap!*clap!*

are u stupid, these are the thing that u must keep in heart(even if it is true). u can get lots of trouble if u write somethg like this. Even if u want to write, hide ur ip and id la. idiot

Yo..! sedap jer kata org akal belum sempurna. Cuba bagitahu kami semua ni bila lak akal you tu disempurnakan? dan bila pula detik pertama kamu mulai berakal?

Keep up this good blog; you’re indeed making a difference. I rarely come across a person who can capture my attention with his/her ramblings ;-). And at just 28 (discount the bad decision on car make) I’m doubly impressed. I hope you’d have found your doctor by now. Cheers!

LoL!!!! Glad to know that you’ve moved on from the doc to expand your horizon to other professions. Best of luck to you & your better half.

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lama tak visit this blog. like 3 years already i think? scroll and scroll saw pics of u and aisyah. sweet pulak. cos few years back korang mcm friends over the internet or something kan. haha. 🙂

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