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Hi, I am Edwin. NoktahHitam is my alter ego. I am a business owner at Laman7, serial entrepreneur, a husband and a father.

We all have something to say, but to whom that matters? For me, the best audience is theย next generation and our future self. So I write to remind myself, how I was like, the experience I went through, the failures that I faced, the little things that I tried, likes or dislikes. I hope this blog lives long enough for my future generation. InsyaAllah.

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akoo rasa mesti ko byk doa nk kawen dengan doktor masa kat makkah aritue. huhu.

ps. kiri kanan ada pemberat, tp yg tengah tue plg berat. (bertanduk beb – versi ganas) (bersayap ๐Ÿ‘ฟ – versi x ganas)

Ada satu lagi loh …

U kata u independent thinker. U boleh think critically ke?

Banyak “independent thinker” tak boleh think critically, tak tau problem solving, sampai tak mau think at all.

Banyak macam of thinking, bro.

Independent thinking is only one of them.

Critical thinking is another.

And there are many others, such as —

Creative thinking

Lateral thinking


Last but not least, in Malaysia we also have bolehland thinking. ๐Ÿ™‚

You are asking something like, “Ko handsome tak?”. Obviously I know I am, but do I have to answer that? Hence insulting ones intelligence.

Also adjectives are subjective. To you it may look pretty, to me, it doesn’t.

NH, i think its “I shall refrain (without the -ed) from being corrected no matter what the circumstances are (instead of ‘is’).”

Heh, how ironic. Sorry for correcting you when you stand not to be corrected. Old habit, I’m a toastmaster. Anyway..hanya berkongsi ilmu ๐Ÿ˜‰

“You can ask me everyday this question, but each day will be a different answer.

ps: Because itโ€™s a humanitarian job.”

so meaning either one of us should ask u the same quest everyday over and over again till u got a doctor? lol….

that will be a really long “WHY I WANT TO MARRY A DOCTOR ONLY” hehhehe can be on guinness world record eh :P…

im just joking here.. im glad that i stop by ur blog 2day.

i will drop by more often ๐Ÿ˜‰

that will be really cool if u do… while reading ur list of answers, we could also gain knowledge from those different types of languages! well at least im interested! hahaha…

ko nye cter kat atas aku jadikan persuasive spech test pblic speaking..jgn lecturer aku mgamuk sudah psl point2 yg ada 2 ๐Ÿ˜•

Tgh carik2 pasal Dhul-Qarnayn..then terbabas ke sini (Apa yg Allah nak tunjuk ni …)…errmm…
Anyway.. Salam utk NH..

salam dr bumi adelaide ๐Ÿ™‚

cool blog u have here ๐Ÿ˜Ž ..rasanya kita semakin kekurangan golongan yang mahu berfikir ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s good to have one!!

semoga anda dapat berkahwin dengan seorang doktor ๐Ÿ˜€

Hi NH.

Some of my blog readers were redirected from yours. I’ve gone through your recent entries just to find out nothing (no direct links whatsoever). You have any ideas how did this happen?

Nice blog anyway~ ๐Ÿ™‚

halo mas, salam kenal.

mas, saya nanya cara memasang smileys. saya sudah donlot noktahhitam sileys, sudah di upload, tapi koq nggak muncul di kotak comment seperti diatas ini. gimana ya caranya? โ“
maklum masih newbie ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

terima kasih sebelumnya,


at first i thought this is a girl’s blog(a girl who is doctor n wonders why a guy would like to marry a doctor like her)..apparently it’s a guy who wants to marry a doctor..interesting!!


Actually aku dapat tau blog ni daripada blog “my life 4 hire”. Aku tertarik ngan entries kat sini. Apa2 pun, keep it up bro.. :up:

alter ego,huh?? ive read 1 of s. sheldon’s book about alter ego.. forgot the title already.. nice 2 know u

Nice answer…

And I agree of your approach of answer….

To judge one’s thinking pattern… look at what they say/write and see for yourselves..

btw.. i am handsome too
(Allah’s creation… of course lahhh…)

My wife is a doctor and i’m 23 years old. I am an entrepreneur and i believe that i’m the richest in Kuching Sarawak with current asset 178Million USD. I start form zero. I’m not from a wealthy family and live my life like ordinary youngster. I grew up in suburban area. I use to have only RM1 in my wallet but now i don’t have any financial problem and i can afford anything that i want. I met my wife as early as primary school. She is so pretty. Live in the same neighborhood with her. I’m not smart enough to be a doctor like my wife. That almost break our relationship before. To cut the story short i latter on become determine to be successful in life [to become rich] and do stumble and fail many times. I come across to write in this blog because intrigued by the word “i want to marry a doctor” because that is has been motivate me to be what i am today.

Marrying a doctor is not just because is humanitarian job but if we choose to marry a doctor means we marry a smart women!

Salam kenal dari aku, baloot.

Seorang web developer utk Joomla n WordPress je. Tak dah tak buat custom HTML web. Hehe. Pening pale beb. Guna Joomla/Wordpress lagi best dah. Byk plugin yg boleh pakai n dimodify utk kegunaan tertentu.

Kos & masa juga dapat dikurangkan. Hehe.. Apa2hal pun, Gud Luck utk bro. Sama2 lah kita majukan industri laman web di Malaysia ni…..

“I shall refrain from being corrected no matter what the circumstances are”

fikir baik2.. sebagai hamba Allah.. everyone stands to be corrected… walau setinggi mana ilmunya… to be humble costs u zero cent

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