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Hi, I am Edwin. NoktahHitam is my alter ego. I am a business owner at Laman7, serial entrepreneur, a husband and a father.

We all have something to say, but to whom that matters? For me, the best audience is the next generation and our future self. So I write to remind myself, how I was like, the experience I went through, the failures that I faced, the little things that I tried, likes or dislikes. I hope this blog lives long enough for my future generation. InsyaAllah.

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Hi blacknote,

I was looking around for Er6n comments on the web and stump across your blog. “mutu” as you said, Hows the condition now ? what you think overall the riding ? and what is bad ? cause I keep getting this from friends and people around “Alang – alang ” “Not good” but without any facts.

Marcellinus January

Hi Marcellinus,

Overall Mutu is great. The handling can be a little bit better, especially during slow speed. Over the past 3 years, Ive changed tires (youre supposed to change annually), fuel cap. The fuel cap is somehow oxidised, it because impossible to open the the tank. I changed to an alloy type, costs RM 80 I think. The good, well you have the power to chase anything. The bad, its when you hit 130kmh, your chest feels heavy due to wind. Overall I didnt regret buying the bike.

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