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A Geek’s Dilemma (Nokia 5800 vs Sony Xperia)

Last week, I bought a Nokia 5800.

I’ve installed everything useful, including Garmin XT. It works like charm and I was in love, until today. A guy from private messaged me, letting go of his Birthday gift, a Sony Xperia.

It is only sane to reject Xperia the offer, as I have a new baby, however there’s a twist. It’s an original set retailed at RM2.5k (at least). He only wants RM1.6k. After much consideration, I went ahead and emptied my wallet to fetch the spanking new unit. It’s hard to resist that kind of offer.


Now I’m sitting here, contemplating. Whatever it is, one have to go.

Nokia 5800 is downright simple, everything is where it is. Xperia on the other hand, is complex and a little too much for a user who only wants to Call, SMS and GPS. Dissing elegance and value, it comes down to user experience. What do I really want?

The last tough decision I made was back in ’05, breaking up. Now, I can’t believe I have to choose whom I want to be married to for the next 2-3 years.

Is this considered one of the crossroads in life? Harder than I thought.

ps: Treated mom to some fancy Arabic cuisine. I was so full, I had to remain seated for 20 minutes. Talk about nafsu!

pss: It’s NOT my intention to materialize girls. So don’t take it the wrong way

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49 replies on “A Geek’s Dilemma (Nokia 5800 vs Sony Xperia)”

kalo aku pilih Nokia,sbb i’m not a fan of phone yg leh lipat,leh bukak sana sini,tolak atas-bawah…sbb xpercaya benda tu leh tahan lama ๐Ÿ˜€
lagi satu, it collects dust!

but Nokia tu nampak bulky plak dr gamba tu..haih

Dont worry, I know exactly what you should do!

Pegi solat istikarah, pastu tido. Then, i jamin mimpi tu mesti suruh you poskan the nokia one to me lol

p/s : oh lamenye tak masok ini belog. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Sell me the Xperia then :p I played with Nokia 5800 before, I just feel browsing and typing on it is a pain in the ass, but over time that should be fine as you get used to it. Other that that, everything is good. Give me a phone will keyboard/keypad anytime. Xperia is really a mean machine.

Oh ya, if you want all the shits that can be used with your 5800, let me know.. hehe.. Symbian phones.. so addictive, with so many applications to choose from.

Bong, it’s heavy. Typing makes it tough actually. Nokia typing is fast and very light. For someone who doesnt like to exert much force like myself, Nokia is the way to go.

Probably need to familiarize with the phone first. One thing about Windows Mobile, no shortcut. Or maybe I don’t know the how to’s

Ade. Siap HSDPA 7.2mb lagi. But who needs video call? Unless you have a horny gf who wants to do some sick stunts over the phone, that’ll be a different story.

Some of the function maybe you don’t even need. Like touch scroll gallery. Other than beauty and hogging your RAM, nothing much can be salvaged. It’s just like toggling left or right, except cooler.

but for me, i need the 3G++ capability bcoz i always use it to vcall my family and send mms via it.. hah..!! 1 more.. mentality of malaysia people.. the more power the camera of the phone, the more powerful the phone is.. esh3.. soalan yang pasti timbul kalau dapat phone baru.. “berapa megapixel camera tu..??” aduih~!

talk about nafsu, it’s ‘why can’t i have both?’ question.
but for me, the tube is good enough..

Ah, there! I am exactly opposite. I prefer my phone a bit heavy to ‘feel’ the presence, I never really like those ‘tiny, small’ phones when it was the hit. Nokia 5800 feels like a plastic toy in my hands..

Use N70 lah like me. U can SMS, MMS, Video Call, email & most important… U can make porn movie with it. Wahahaha!

ps: Where are you Bong? Sarawak or KL?

HTC Touch HD > Gile battery

iPhone > Never on wishlist. Macam semua orang dah ade. Cool factor down. Plus, itu technology 2 tahun lepas. Bole GPS tak mae?

stylus + windows mobile dah wujud bertahun sebelum iphone ada.. dan, 5800 lagi ramai user sbb diaorg settle mudah utk touchscreen.. asal ada..

*iphone ni xde offline map.. kene store sendiri via third party apps.. tp accuracy Google Maps terjamin :)*

oooh, arabic cuisine memang sangat kenyang. hoho. jom jom, where’s my sushi. haha.

i vote for nokia. lagi cun bebeh! kalau tanak nokia tu, bagi I pun, I sanggup terima. hehe..

aku xpernah test xperia,so i’ll go with racing die,aku suka!so, jual mane?5800 kah?

well, ramai kata best. but it’s just that, too much functions for me. I use phone to call, sms, and mms je. take photos tu pun sometimes je kalau xde camera.

tp yg bestnya memory byk gila, I dont even have to delete my messages. hoho xD

seriously, i have my 5800 ,4 month s a gorgeous machine. Cost half of xperia or an iphone. But what u want from a phone is in 5800. It s a really2 friendly user phone that comes with wifi ,gps(i use garmin..really2 amazing),opera and nokia photo browser beta is awesome! speaker is really2 loud and great!
I hv my friend use omnia, but after months,he just use 20% of the phone. He got laptop, so why the hell he need to use windows mobile?summore 5800 also have wifi,can open microsoft document,pdf, more..the video recorder is absolute significant.but not for camera . worst than omnia. but still way better than iphone.

my friend got iphone, the apps is great, includ the game.the sensor is great..but many games is hard to play..then later leave it there. only use for notes,music,sms,call,camera,website. hey! 5800 is wayyy better la..

*1 ur files in memory card, not in ur phone memory.otherwise ur phone can be lag.if lag also, u can turn off the transition effects

Already sold the xperia months ago. I only need a good one hand operation phone. 5800 fits nicely. What’s best is it’s speaker. Handsomely built, the loudest and sharpest of the clan.

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