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A Day With August

August is an old friend of mine. We go way back to kindergarten. We rode tricycles together (I don’t even remember if I ever had one). Anyway, you get the point. We are close, tight and uptight.

Despite (procrastinating) our hectic time table, we leave each other small foot notes. It can be anywhere and means anything.

Border-sun-IP” he wrote.

It reads, “See you at Borders Berjaya Time Square this Sunday 1pm“. So there I was, inches away from the rendezvous point .

Morning darl“, August tapped me from the behind.

Wasted in broad daylight?” I asked.

No no no mate. I’m just a bit quizzy“, waving his hand left to right signaling he’s fine. Drunkard Denials. WTH.

So off we were wandering around Borders. Making jokes about book covers. I found a decent programming book and sat near Starbucks. I beckoned him.

After 30 minutes, August didn’t come to find me. Shit. I got up and walked the entire floor. He is drunk after all. As partners in crime, I can’t let him down and searched for him.

2pm, I saw August outside. “Where were you bro?“. “I was here since 1pm, where were you?“.

I explained how he was drunk etc. He shook his head, “FYI, I was NEVER under the influence of Alcohol“.

FACEBOOK! My spine starts tingling. We left immediately. It was spooky.

Question: Who is the first August? VK Lingam? (Sounds like me, looks like me, but not 100% sure it’s me) 😡

ps: I know a guy who speaks fake British accent when he’s drunk 😮

NH’s lingo: WTH = What the Hell = Whateva, Facebook = F*ck = hot mom

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