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7 Benefits of Fasting During Ramadhan

I hope it’s not too late to write something about Ramadhan. As evil as I am, I particularly love this month. I am enforced to do good, think innocently and most importantly, spend & talk moderately.

7 Benefits of Fasting During Ramadhan 1

When I was young, I usually frown when it’s fasting month but as I grew older, I realised other benefits of Ramadhan.

1. Lose Weight

Eat less during iftar (buka puasa) and sahur. Best, try to lower rice and sugar intake by at least half. Every Ramadhan, I lose about 8-13 kg, you can too.

2. Stay at Home or Go to Mosque

I hate going out during fasting (day). It drains energy drastically, what more beat the crowd in a Jumbo Sale. I usually do shopping early morning (11am-ish).

3. Save Money

Since I don’t eat lunch or mid-day snacks. I save money and traveling expenses too. Most people spend a lot at Bazaars, I would only buy something that I will actually EAT. Remember, waste is a crime.

4. Remembering the Dead

The least you could do is dedicate your prayers to your loved one. (I still miss my grandpa and grandma πŸ™ ) This is also the time for you to sink deep into yourself, and think, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR THE WORLD?

5. Quit Smoking

One of the many ultimate solution to quit smoking, well, not quit, but at least reduce tars in your lungs. But I believe this is a personal decision. If you don’t want to, that’s your choice.

6. Let it Go

Anger consume lots of energy. So if you’re stuck in traffic, blaming non-muslim for getting off work early, you should cool down. Try to channel that energy else where. I usually dance in my car (or sing-alongs).

7. Eat Less At Buffet

Typical corporate people has at least 2 buffet Iftars. The key to eat buffet is, “Food Tasting” (a little bit of everything). Start off with 2-3 kueh and kurma, go do Maghrib prayer. Come back and start your food tasting. Remember to sip your drink, no bottoms up.

7 is good enough.

Other things to know about Ramadhan.

1. Picking Nose Doesn’t Void Fasting

I’ve asked many ustaz & imam about this, they agreed, korek hidung tak batalkan puasa. Islam emphasizes on cleanliness and nose picking is one of them.

2. No Such Thing as Fadhilat Terawih

I’ve wrote about this before. So if you go back to your home town and see this on the Surau’s board, tell them to take it down. It’s your responsibility to keep other Muslims in the know.

Wishing you a happy Ramadhan and most importantly, Jangan Nakal-Nakal!

ps: 2 Days – 2kg gain πŸ™‚

pss: Someone requested me to recite a surah from Quran. Should I?

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30 replies on “7 Benefits of Fasting During Ramadhan”

no 5 tu macam sukar nak jadi kenyataan wahaha. time buka automatik keinginan terbuka ha3.

pasal fadhilat tu dari aku ambil sijil agama tinggi memang betul.

aku pon jarang nampak Fadhilat Terawih…time kecik2 dulu selalu la kuar kat tv/radio/paper,skang xde dah..mmg betul kot mmg xde betul benda ni…

tapi time kecik2 dulu mmg excited malam pertama terawih sbb according to “fadhilat terawih” hapusnya segala dosa seperti bayi yg baru lahir..hehe

picking nose? really? xtau plak..xpe la,aku follow xkorek la..nanti hilang lah salah satu “nikmat berbuka”..hahahahah

no offence,maybe aku bias sbb aku xtau keadaannya mcm mana.. tapi kalo dh posa leh tahan berhenti merokok 13 jam,nape tak leh je step by step kurangkan dan trus berhenti?..
atau mmg xmo berhenti? that make sense to me

Gain weight tu sbb badan detect as.. Tak makan? Kebuluran? automatically store as lemak (fat) and jadi slow metabolism rate. Nak avoid ni, minum byk air MINERAL bukan RO. Try la, kalau tak bole, nak buat camne kan? Janji cube.

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