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6 Things to Consider Before Balik Kampung This Hari Raya

Almost everyone I know is busy packing making their way back to their home town. As for us, we’re just gonna chill at Shah Alam. Probably pop-in at Pavillion if time permits on the first day of Raya. My parents will be back from umrah on that day, can’t wait to meet them.

Keep Calm Hari Raya

Raya is the most celebrated festive season in Malaysia. It’s the time of year where typically people go on long holidays. Being cheerful and all, we tend to forget the simplest check list. Here are some for your consideration.

1. DRIVE SAFE– Hey man, I don’t want to visit you at a morgue or hospital. BE COURTEOUS on the road, give way to others and try not to overtake using the emergency lane because those are for sissy. You may not care about yourself, but other’s care about you.

2. EAT MODERATELY – Rendang, biscuits and sweetened drinks should be taken with moderation. It CLOTS YOUR ARTERIES, makes you moves slower, makes you sleepy and as a result of that you retain lots of fat. Avoid at all cost. “Kalau nak jaga hati tuan rumah, ambil sikit saja, sekadar untuk rasa”

3. NO GOSSIP – We have just cleansed ourselves during Ramadhan, and now you want to commit new sins? STOP YOURSELF. If you feel that the conversation is not going to end well, maneuver to other topics, else, run away. Talking behind people’s back (good or bad) is for lame farts. You’re not one. I know.

4. CAUTION FIREWORKS – Ever since the Government banned in the 90s, there have been fewer cases of “fingerless palms”. However that does not mean shit doesn’t happen. Know your limits and PLAY SAFE.

5. LET NEIGHBOR KNOWS – Let them know when are you going and coming back from Kampung eventhough they too are going back. Let many know as much as possible. At least they’d know if ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS is happening at your house. Our house got broken in once, left mom traumatized for weeks. Don’t be a victim.

6. HIDE THOSE GADGETS – While Facebooking keeps you connected to your other friends, the people in front of you MATTERS MOST. Try to create a conversation by getting to know more about others. It’s as easy as asking what they do for living, even if you don’t really give a damn. The last thing you want to remembered as is ANTI SOCIAL.

Till then, we (Aisyah, baby and me) would like to wish a joyful Hari Raya. Have fun and remember this 6 simple rules!

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