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5 Tahun Lagi, 30% Lembaga Pengarah Mesti Wanita

Dalam tempoh lima tahun akan datang, sekurang-kurang 30 peratus ahli lembaga pengarah syarikat mestilah dilantik dari kalangan wanita. -Najib Tun Razak

5 Tahun Lagi, 30% Lembaga Pengarah Mesti Wanita 1What kind of law is this? This is sexist! Are you implying that women now are incapable of being a board member and therefore needs quota in order to be in the board? Sheesshhh, some times I wonder, despite having high IQ (or low), they seriously lack EQ.

This is like playing UNO with half of the crowd being female, and must at least let them win 30% of the time. Kinda dumb ass don’t you think? It’s the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest. Who ever trumps the card win! Isn’t that simple?

May I also inquire, what law states that women can’t be board members? The deeper I think about this, the stupid-er I think I am. Or maybe I’m just that stupid.

Personally, this is not a matter of equality because jobs are offered to both sexes equally. However there are in some cases where a gender is preferable, e.g. manual labor, because girls can’t carry heavy stuff effectively or breast pump sales promoter, because guys have no idea what to do with breast other than fondling it.

So in the case of a board member where decisions are critical, neither sex are qualified if they don’t have;

  1. a good education (though not necessary)
  2. a sublime business acumen
  3. an exceptional communicator
  4. battle scars from experience

Then comes the debate of who is the better manager, man or woman? I’ll probably write about that if I have the time. But for now, share your thoughts on this okay? 😉

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3 replies on “5 Tahun Lagi, 30% Lembaga Pengarah Mesti Wanita”

this. doesnt make any sense. it just makes women look more pathetic, as if women arent capable enough that a special quota must be put. oh wait, u said that already.

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